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Round 11

Numb, Diana is slow to move, her Drain Punch easily dodged by Snover. the Ice/Grass achieves this feat by using Double Team, creating two clones and leaving Diana with two to fight once one is dead from the punch. Diana is, of course, Psychic, and unlike Peter Griffin actually does know where her opponent is. Thus, she knows exactly where to aim her Fire Punch as two Snover come at her for Frustration. Their attack is not that powerful, Snover having just raped Diana good and proper, but the collision is still impressive. The pokémon are thrown back from the impact, Snover's clone disappearing, and both pokémon looking pretty battered.

Snover is down to well below 1/2 health, though avoided a burn. Used fair energy and should probably slow up.

Diana, despite fighting type characteristics, is tired. Fire fuels two more Fire Punches. Health is a little under 1/2.
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