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Originally Posted by 134 View Post

Le Marécage Noir

Known as the 'Black Bayou,' Marécage Noir is actually a series of wetlands on the north western tip of Fizzytopia, which includes marshes, swamps, and even a thicket of mangroves which stand between Marécage Noir and the coastline. A variety of Pokémon call the relatively untamed wilderness home, and a city stands in the heart of it all; a bastion of revelry and sin.

Le Marais Sacré de Celebi
Marécage Noir is shrouded in dark clouds seemingly endlessly, but there is one place for which the sky is always clear: the sacred swamp of Celebi. Though the water is dark with tannins, it doesn't ever seem to stagnate. It's cool to the touch, with a pleasant, earthy smell. Thick trees, seemingly older than time itself, grow from its dark depths, with gnarled trunks and twisty roots which jut up at odd angles. Here, a plethora of Pokémon can be found of all sorts of types; Bug, Flying, Grass, Water -- even some Poison types call this ethereal swamp their home. The sun is seemingly always shining here. Named for the Mythical Pokémon Celebi, there is a legend that this area thrives so beautifully in such an otherwise dark and murky place due to the influence of the Time Travel Pokémon, and that causing harm to the sacred swamp will result in bad fortune. Locals often bring offerings of food in respect to the land and to Celebi, hoping for blessings and good favor, and even perhaps a chance to meet Celebi itself. Please reply in SpringGreen.
The Black Bayou. A very wet area filled with a harsh environment and harsher Pokemon, all of which are happy to accept the unwary traveler into their deadly embrace. Of course, it helped that Hyrem would be bringing all sorts of Pokemon that are well suited to the swamps and mangroves here. On his left shoulder stood Nissa, who looked at the trees above the group and saw it a veritable playground for her. On his right sat Henrietta, her webbed feet making sure she stayed right with her trainer. In his arms lay Sorano, curled up with her head resting on his arm, flicking her tongue out every once in a while just in case there was something interesting around. Flanking either side of him as he walked were his mother-daughter duo of Seviper, the mother Amethyst on the left and the daughter Kinana on the right. They happened to be one of many reasons Henrietta was so unwilling to let go of her perch; better to be up near her trainer's face than down on the ground with not one but two scary Seviper on the ground that could potentially chase her if they were hungry enough (or claimed to be). Last, but certainly not least, was Wendy lumbering right behind the group and actually resisting the urge to scare off all the local wildlife for once.

So why would Hyrem bring an entire party full of female reptiles (and one amphibian) to a swampy environment? Well, because they're all quite suited to this kind of an area for one! The other was because Amethyst wanted her children to go on an adventure since they hadn't gone on one yet. Nissa and Henrietta were also pretty eager to come to this place when they heard about it, and Wendy was the better Flying Pokemon for this zone than Icarus was; in fact, the Skarmory refused to take them to a place with so much moisture that he would risk his metallic body being waterlogged just from being near this place (his words, not mine!).

In any case, the Black Bayou seemed the ideal adventure spot for the team he brought, and he might as well poke around in the swamp said to be a favorite place for Celebi to hang out. Because it would be nice to meet a Legendary Pokemon and not have it try to bring an entire ocean down on an island. Right now, however, it was time to take a break, so he looked for the closest tree that had some sort of dry land to sit next to and bring his Pokemon around him so they would all have a place to rest and eat; after all, he didn't want the food capsules he brought with various types of dead bugs, fish, and meat inside them to be left unused!

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