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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post

Kalos, this was not. It was a bit depressing to come to that realization as you trekked through the swamp alongside your Squirtle, hoping that perhaps there was something more you would have been able to find here in the The Black Marsh to satiate your homesickness.

Alas, that was not the case. Knee-deep in swamp water, you waded forward hoping to find something to bring you adventure, something to justify your optimism. You noticed that this water was not like most swamps; the water was clear, pure, clean. Occasionally, fish Pokemon swam by, making sure to keep their distance. You aren't sure how long you and Greg waded through the swamp for, but suddenly, something happened that made you stop dead in your tracks, ceasing movement entirely. A sound... no, music.

It was distant, but clear: It sounded like a symphony. Yes, you were certain. Strings and wind instruments played a song you had never heard before, beautifully and in unison with chimes and sounds that resembled xylophones. You waded closer to it, the music reverberating and echoing down a shaded forest path away from the swamp. It was almost like a scene from a movie. The path shined brightly as the sun penetrated the canopy, rays pouring through the leaves between bent trunks and vines. You watched the forest's majesty as the symphony grew slightly louder, and noticed that a small grouping of flowers near the swamp side slowly began to blossom, their petals carefully beginning to open, as though the song was having an effect on them. Do you ease your curiosity and pursue the source of the sound?

It had felt like they'd been slogging through the swamp all day, though to the best Erven could tell, only an hour or so had passed since they had set out to explore this place. Everything was damp, even the air, and the sensation of it was beginning to become oppressive, so much so that Erven didn't immediately notice the distant sound of music over the sloshing of their steps. Greg could detect something, though couldn't quite recognize it for what it was. This change in the pokemon's demeanor was enough to alert his trainer, and Erven stopped, Greg soon following suit. The human tilted his head to focus on the sounds of the surrounding swamp, and was slightly surprised at what he found.

"That- that's music, right?" he asked of Greg, as if to clarify whether or not he'd gone insane. Greg nodded, slowly, in the affirmative, believing he was hearing the same as well. "That's not what I was expecting to find out here, but music means there's people, so... let's see where that's coming from," Erven resolved and began moving ahead once more with new found vigor, the idea of finding civilization, and by extension, somewhere more dry than the swamp driving him onward.

The further along they traveled, the louder the melody became, so they were certain they were heading in the right direction, Erven's curiosity regarding the origins of the noise only swelling with the volume. Greg was quite indifferent to it all --the squirtle could have spent all day in the swamp as he felt right at home-- only following his trainer out of a sense of loyalty to him.
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