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Originally Posted by deoxys View Post

Upon being asked, the Houndour summoned forth a Will-o-Wisp. The puppy Pokemon closed its eyes, and a flaming orb manifested in the air to the upper right of the Pokemon, gently bobbing up and down.

The room lit up. Immediately, a few Alolan Rattata squealed and scattered past you, retreating into a large crack in the wall, which was somewhat startling, to say the least. Having taken in your surroundings, you realized that the floor and the walls were old and brick, and the room itself was particularly large as well. Barring some cobwebs, it was also completely empty. However, upon second glance, something did catch your attention after all - there was a large, old, wooden trapdoor embedded into the floor on the other side of the room, a decayed, rusted latch being the only thing that kept it shut.

You turned your gaze away from it for a moment, analyzing your other options. There was a particularly large hole where the wall met the floor. A curved section of the ground that twisted around the edges of the room indicated that this, was in fact, a drain, which - if you had to guess - probably led into a reservoir or a cistern of some kind. The hole was large enough to crawl through, though it didn’t look particularly inviting.

And then of course, there was a doorway; however, there was no door. The light of the Will-o-Wisp extended just barely beyond the length of the room you currently stood in, but from what you could surmise, the room that connected to the one you were currently in was not actually a room, but was, in fact, a long, concrete hall. What’s more, the Will-o-Wisp flickered slightly in the direction opposite the entryway, indicating to you that a gentle breeze was emanating from the potential exit.

You had a few options, none of which included the large hole you had so carelessly fallen through; there was simply no way you were going back the way you came…

Tate breathed a sigh of relief as the room was illuminated; being about to see was a huge step in the right direction. Looking around, the trainer took stock of their situation, making note of their options. Ahead of them was a doorway, which Tate assumed was the way out. Feeling more secure based on this assumption, the naturalist no longer felt the immediate urgency to get out, and began exploring the rest of the room a bit; there was what appeared to be an old sewage drain -- gross -- and, oh... how fascinating. Was that a door in the floor? With Pouli close by, Tate approached the wooden hatch, curiosity piqued. It was latched closed, but there wasn't even a padlock on the thing.

"... wanna check it out?" Tate asked the Houndour. Pouli was reluctant; the fall had been rough, and she wanted to go home and lick her wounds, but her trainer had a mischievous glint in those blue eyes, and there wasn't much arguing. She whined, resigned, as her trainer knealt down and tried to open the aged and decrepit latch.

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