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PBN Trainer Rankings: March 2012

Trainer Rankings, a semi-regular occurrence on the PASBL calendar last seen in January of this year, when the following fifteen trainers claimed their place on the pantheon of text-based Pokémon roleplay battles:

=1 .Concept & DaveTheFishGuy
3. Jerichi
4. Lonely Cubone
5. Kush
6. Char
7. Shadowshocker
8. Sp-Eevee
9. Tyranidos
10. Empoleon Dynamite
11. Salamencia
12. DaisyInari
13. Firewater
14. KratosAurion
15. Kusari

Honourable Mentions: Kairne, Rangeet, Muyotwo

So then, what changes have two months brought us? Well, the good news is that for the first time in a while nobody really disappeared from the Top 15 at all. This means that Concept’s constant campaign to knock us back down to a Top 10 gains no more momentum this time round...but, newbies and the not so new, this doesn’t mean you can slack: it’s been a while since we had a new Gym Leader, so we need a few of you to really step up and challenge the top 5, who are looking a bit on the impregnable side at the moment...or are they?

So, with the top 5 spoiled (or is it?), here’s your list:

PBN Trainer Rankings for March 2012
Spoiler: show
1. DaveTheFishGuy (-)
2. Concept (-1)
3. Jerichi (-)
4. Kush (+1)
5. Char (+1)
6. Lonely Cubone (-2)
7. Shadowshocker (-)
8. Tyranidos (+1)
9. Empoleon Dynamite (+1)
10. SP-Eevee (-2)
11. DaisyInari (+1)
12. KratosAurion (+2)
13. Torkoal Stu (NE)
14. Firewater (-1)
15. Handymankg2 (NE)

Honourable Mentions: Kusari, Salamencia, Mewmaster007

So, the top five then: no change in the composition, but a few positional changes, with the Fish swimming clear by virtue of actually finishing a match: in his case, a DQ win over Milotic111, a successful Gym Defences against Firewater (13) and BlazeVA, and a successful Gym Challenge against Torkoal Stu’s Bug types, pushing him ever further towards his inevitable Pokémon League challenge, now being admirably held up by yours truly taking aeons to ref him vs Kush. On the other hand, Concept (2) hasn’t really done anything: admittedly he has the slight edge in the Dave-Off currently ongoing, but we’ll get to that if it ever finishes.

Jeri retains his fairly solid position at three, with no real pressure coming from behind as only Kush (4) of the remaining top 5 completed a battle in a non-DQ manner: beating Swampert28 and a Gym Defence against Quintowill. All three are involved in ongoing battles though, so hopefully May will be a touch more interesting.

The one trainer breaking into the top 5 is the constantly –trying-to-retire Char (5) who has an ongoing battle with Jerichi in which he isn’t doing too badly at all, and has recently beaten Tyranidos (8). He should battle some other people too. Like me, I still owe him for the Equilevel 2 ambush in my Gym...Shadowshocker remains at #7 with a couple of wins, the best of which was a Gym Defence against Kratos (12) and a rather suspiciously reffed loss to Ollie which I’m going to go ahead and pretend didn’t happen unless the latter suddenly goes on a bit of a streak. Similarly faring is Tyranidos, who lost to Mozz and Char but is wiping the floor with me so I’m gonna go ahead and put him up to #8, two places ahead of fellow glacially slow trainer, SP-Eevee (10) who is probably on the verge of being booted. Is it just me, or has the league slowed down a bit all of a sudden? Very seasonal this League, it’ll all go crazy again soon.

Rounding out the top 10 (although at 9 because of my odd style) we have my personal tip for the next Gym Leader, Empoleon Dynamite, who is displaying an impressive level of consistency against mid tier trainers, defeating I_D and Rangeet in the period. A solid win against one of the trainers above him would solidify his application nicely, and with ongoing battles against Dave and Shadowshocker, this could just happen.

Heading into the gloomy realms outside the Top 10, we see new faces and old faces, and one that probably qualifies under both, with L’Oreal’s favourite trainer (and everyone else’s) Torkoal Stu (13) finally making an appearance, with three victories over Quintowill, Celebi and Phoopes being more than good enough an excuse for me to get him into the Rankings. Another old face is Handymankg2, once very loftily ranked indeed but after a period of inactivity, sneaking in at #15 by beating the incumbent Kusari. If he stays around he could easily climb the rankings quickly, but as always with Handy, that’s a big if.

Above those two we have DaisyInari and Kratos, two of the most agreeable members of our League. Kratos (12) rises two places on the back of a victory against Sneasel12 in a Gym Trainer Battle, whilst Daisy’s creditable performance against the top-10 SP-Eevee means she sneaks up a place, with Salamencia’s inactivity not disqualifying him, but knocking him down to the honourable mentions along with the unlucky Kusari, who can build on his win against Firewater to get right back into the mix next time.

Here, to round us off, is a short list of battles to watch, many of which were going last time round...

Gym Battles
Lonely Cubone (4) vs Concept (1) Ground Gym Defence
Concept (1) vs Lonely Cubone (4) Water Gym Defence
Shadowshocker (7) vs KratosAurion (14) Poison Gym Defence

Other Battles
EmpoleonDynamite (10) vs Shadowshocker (7)
Kush (5) vs Kusari (15)
Daves, Daves Everywhere!

As usual, comments and criticisms very much appreciated/welcome. All bask in the reflected glory of Stu’s hair and put your cases forwards for him getting into the Top 5 in May...

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