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As someone who's made use of Custom Moves many times in battles, I've come to accept the strangeness of most of them, and have even worked a few of them into strategies. That said, I'm all for changing what needs be changed about them. My thoughts on some of them:

Defensive Shield: Needs to be reworked completely. My idea was that it gets turned into basically Aurora Veil without the need for Hail, but Raves's idea works, too.

Can't Catch Me: I'm gonna side with Raves in terms of how to change this move. It proved useful in its current form to me when my Weedle used it in a battle, but... yeah, it ought to be changed.

Chocolate Bomb: Just a note in response to Raves- I'm thinking the current description was written back when Sitrus Berries only healed 30 HP in the games, as opposed to 1/4th of the Pokémon's maximum HP. I'm all for this move remaining largely as-is, though definitely agree with making it... not heart-shaped. Eating the sugary shrapnel should still recover HP, too, though obviously not a large amount.

Psysplit: Is this the official new name? No changes in mind, just want to be sure, because I will have to change the name in my member post where applicable.

Crossfire: I actually taught this to my Hariyama who has Guts specifically because of the chance to burn the user, thus making it a potential means of activating Guts. I'm definitely in favor of axing the recoil damage, but the self-burn chance... Obviously if I'm in the minority on that one, then I'll gladly change my stance on it, but I think it has strategic potential, personally.

Frosted Flake Fall: As with Crossfire, the only real reason I'm hesitant to suggest a radical change to this move is because of the strategy I intend with it for one of my own Pokémon- in this case, my Weedle knows the move, and she also knows Aurora Veil, and she doesn't know Hail... you see where I'm going with this. As with Crossfire, though, if Raves's suggestion is more universally popular, then I'm gonna hop on board with it along with the rest of you, and I'll get myself a TM Hail for Hermione so she'll be able to use Aurora Veil. And, well, I feel this goes without saying by this point, but renaming to Razor Snow, definitely in favor of that.

Ice Barrier: I'm cool (bad pun fully intended) with Raves's proposed changes to both this and Fire Shield, and I want to also suggest that we drop the Ice-type exclusivity from this move. It's the only Custom Move with any sort of restriction on what kind of Pokémon can learn it, and it's just never sat right with me.

Voodoo Bugaloo: In response to Raves, I personally have found this move quite useful once. It's more along the lines of Lock-On or Mind Reader, in that it actively prevents the opponent from moving (paralysis as a status condition merely hinders movement, rather than stopping it altogether), thus allowing the user to follow up with a powerful attack that's pretty much guaranteed to hit. My Qwilfish won a battle because of this move once. That being said, Raves's idea isn't a bad one at all, and I ultimately wouldn't be opposed to it.

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