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Originally Posted by Ex-Admiral Insane View Post
Bond Moves
I’ve added a separate section on the bond moves and given them the descriptions I found. A few things are still missing such as contests stats but mostly I want to know if these were the latest and correct descriptions.

Team Skull Ball
Current favourite option is to go with increased capture for Bug and Poison types. I think this one makes the most sense as well. So unless anyone has any other suggestion?

Aether Ball
Increased happiness makes sense, as does the option of healing Pokémon, but I wonder if that might make it a bit obsolete considering we have quite a few happiness-increasing Pokéballs now as well as the fact that healing is a one-time gimmick. The other option I was considering was having it more in line with the other villainous teams and increasing the capture rate for certain types. Of the top of my head Psychic makes sense because of the two legendaries, the UB Necrozma and Faba. The other type could be Fairy.
What’s your preferable option for a Aether Ball?

Changing numbers to stages
Alto brings up a point that some of the older items increase/decrease stats with X percentage. For current FB it might make more sense to describe it in terms of tiers similar to stat-boosting moves like Iron Defense. My thoughts on this were having 5%-15% becoming a 1-stage increase/decrease and 16%-25% becoming a 2-stage increase/decrease.
Thoughts on how to handle this?
Alright, Discord discussion led me to account that the 50% damage boost to STAB moves is too strong for a defensive terrain, so Guardian Terrain will only grant immunity to moves of the pokemon's own type, and the burn/freeze immunity.

Bug/Poison for the Skull Ball works.

The Aether Ball, I'm not at all comfortable with existing altogether. Because Aether were pretty much under the influence of Nihilego's toxin and thus not acting correctly, calling them a villainous team is completely false and they really should not have their own villain ball. I feel very strongly here that the Aether Ball is technically the Beast Ball, which has the current effect of boosted catch rates on UBs, but if we're going with the plan that UBs are legendaries, then the Beast Balls should remain the Aether team ball, but with a higher catch rate on unnatural and alien pokemon, basically those which are either extraterrestrial or believed to be extraterrestrial, and ones which are most certainly inorganic in origin.

Changing numbers to stages also works for custom moves, which brings me to a major point of contrition: Many of the moves need major reworking. My thoughts to each move will be in {curly braces} and under the impression each move is going to be kept. I'll give critiques on the custom items later.

Spoiler: show
FB Custom Items and Moves

Bond Moves:
Gummi Bomb (Various)
The user creates a bomblet of their latent inner energy and throws it at the foe, doing moderate damage. The move's type is dependent on the user's own hidden power.
{Perfectly fine here.}

Guardian Terrain (Normal)
The user draws upon their bond with their trainer to create a glyph on the surface, which expands and surrounds the battlefield in the Guardian Terrain field effect. Guardian Terrain affects all pokemon and gives them immunity to damage from moves of their own type, while increasing the damage they deal with moves of their own type by 50%. Guardian Terrain also prevents the pokemon within from being afflicted by burns or freezing, and will last 5 turns. Guardian Terrain is affected by the Terrain Extender, and will override any terrain effect currently up while preventing weather from having any effect on the battle.
{Remove the bit in red here, and the move will be fine defensively.}

Defensive Shield (Normal)
After your Pokemon attacks first, there is a 50% chance, they will anticipate a move and an Energy Shield will automatically be raised, if your Pokemon will attack second, they have a 25% chance of anticipating and will take the next attack and either taking the damage reducing it by 50% or taking the attack and reducing damage to 0, this can only be used once per round.
{oh no - Knuckles, 1999.
This is ugly, hard to comprehend and completely and utterly outclassed by Protect, nowhere near befitting of a move only learned at max level and bond. What I'd suggest is that this act as either a full-turn Protective barrier that blocks all damage and effects for the turn it's used, or that it acts as a Counter+Mirror Coat+Protect, nullifying damage from an attack and sending the damage back at the foe as a typeless burst of energy.}

Custom Moves:
[size=1]Never-ending Birthday Candle
This move, when ordered your Pokemon inhales and blows out a powerful wind from their guts, this move may not seem much but when used this move could knock a Pokemon off of their feet, even make Projectiles fly back to the opponent. This move uses the same energies of a Bubblebeam.
{So basically this is Whirlwind.
Yeah, this description, like most of the CMs, is hard to read and makes no sense. I propose changing this so the move blows the opponent over and does damage based on the target's weight, where a lighter target takes more than a heavier one, while the true fatsoes would not be bothered. The projectile removing point can remain, and the move should really be Flying type.}

Blueberry Slushie
Brain Freeze
The user emits thin ice type waves from its mouth, the crystal effect floating towards the opponent and entering through any open pores in their skin. After one round the ice crystals start to attack the brain of the opponent, causing minor damage (the same amount that a confusion would hit). While the crystals attack the brain, the effect of brain freeze makes the opponent have a 10% chance of forgetting the move that was ordered last.
{Delayed confusion with a slight chance of a flinch.
I like the concept of this move, but feel it would be better if the wave of ice did the damage immediately and did moderate damage rather than minor. The chilling effect should be more of a decent chance of reducing the target's evasion one stage, as they would have trouble concentrating and dodging.}

Gingerbread Man
Can't Catch Me
Using this move your Pokémon transforms into a miniature Gingerbread version of themselves, it makes all moves less likely to hit and for 3 Rounds until they revert back your Pokémon has the ability Run Away, but the one downside to this is all Teeth using moves cause x4 damage no matter what. The Move uses the same amount of energy that a Protect would use.
{this move is dumb as shit and should really be axed.
...No. I'm dead serious. This is basically Minimize, only instead of dying to Stomp the user dies to biting moves. If we do have to keep this wasteful thing, I propose that the 'mini gingerbread version' thing be tossed into the endless vacuum of a black hole and instead the move be a two-stage evasion boost that has the downside of rendering the user to take more damage from contact moves.}

Box of Chocolates
Chocolate Bomb
The user produces a Chocolate heart in front of them which they then proceed to throw the heart at their opponent which, on contact, explodes doing damage equal to Egg Bomb. When the heart shatters 3-5 little pieces of chocolate appear and can be eaten by anyone including the opponent. When eaten, the chocolate heals a small amount of HP equal to that of a Sitrus Berry.
{Whoa what the heck is this sitrus berry crap that is way overpowered.
Chocolate Bomb should really be a chocolate bomb, not a heart, though Egg Bomb level damage is fine with me. The healing part, however, should be dropped, because five sitrus berries is more than enough to undo all the damage taken and then some. Instead, the user should recuperate some of the damage dealt to the foe, a la Drain Punch.}

Magical Chocolate Coated Carrot
Chocolate Magic
Once ordered, the user fires off a molten chocolate blast that hits for base power of approximately 65 points damage. Once the chocolate makes contact with the enemy it starts to "stickifiy" around them causing movement to drop by approximately 50% making it harder to dodge the opponent. The stickiness lasts for up to three rounds.
{>65 points damage
This would be Good damage, correct? The 'stickifying' is a dodgy word, and I feel the move should simply do good damage and drop the foe's speed one stage.}

Magical Espeon Plushie
Psysplit (formerly Copycat)
User sacrifices half of its remaining health to summon two copies of itself. The copies move, breathe, talk, and attack at the same time as the user, also using the same attack/s ordered to the original Pokémon. The user's attack inflicts normal damage, with each clone inflicting half of that. When hit the copy will disappear, but the other will remain until hit again. The move "Psysplit" can be used only once per battle, and the copies disappear after the third round or until they've been destroyed.
{Er, actually, this one's fine now. Half the health removed seems a lot though.}

Very Hot Cross Bun
Much Similar to the move Cross Chop, but with an added fiery bonus, when used the user's arms engulf in flames, when hit the opponent takes the same damage as Cross Chop and has a 10% Chance of being burned, the user if not a fire type takes small damage from the move for every second it's used and also has a 10% chance of being burned.
{Basically fire cross chop. Come on Arn.
That latter half is very silly and complicated. The move would have been fine as doing [severe?] damage and a decent (1 in 5 or so) burn chance.}

Magical Black Glass Rose
Fatal Attraction
The user emits a dark pheromone into the air which, when it hits the opponent, will cause them to go into a state of attraction if they are of the opposite gender, their infatuation making them less likely to attack. Once the pheromone hits the blood stream, the damage over time effect occurs, the opponent receiving damage equivalent to Toxic. If the opponent's infatuation is broken, the damage subsides and all is normal.
{good god this is such a bad move right now it's unreal.
There's major problems here. One, Dark or Psychic, not both, preference being dark. Two, it's Attract plus Toxic, but the Toxic fades on switching out because that's how attraction works. My proposal here is to have the move act less like Toxic and more like confusion, whereby if the user would be attracted, then they would hurt themselves.}

Merciless Pepper of Quetzlzacatenango
Fire Shield
Fire shield creates a shield of burning fire around your Pokémon which will protect it from one elemental or physical attack. Once hit, the shield will disappear. If an opponent Pokémon makes physical contact with the Fire Shield, there is a 10% chance of it being inflicted with the condition "Burn". One use only per battle.
{I like the concept of a flame shield, but a 10% chance of a burn is faaaaaaaaar too low. This move right now isn't much better than Protect, and would be better off if that was a guaranteed burn on contact, but the move will break and the user hurt if it is hit by a water move.}

Cranberry Vodka
This Cranberry Vodka makes the users throat burn so badly that they hiccup, expelling a fiery stream of molten hot bubbles. Oddly enough, the effect is so impressive that the Pokémon remembers how to perform the move without having to drink the vodka again. For approximately five seconds, the user forcefully spits out a stream of fiery, molten hot bubbles dealing very good damage at a constant rate. A slightly less powerful version of Flamethrower, yet the odds of being burned when the bubbles "pop" painfully on the opponent's skin is increased by approximately 20% due to the intensity of the heat trapped inside each bubble.
{Slightly weaker flamethrower that has a higher burn chance? Why, that sounds exactly like Lava Plume, only this one's a beam rather than a wave of ow. I always liked Firestream, and really the only change I would make would be to reduce the damage to like a fiery Bubble Beam and nuking that five second stipulation.}

Snow Globe
Frosted Flake Fall
Upon activation, the Pokemon summons a hail of razor sharp snowflakes, like its counterpart Hail, this fall of snowflakes last up to 5 turns, upon the end of each round the opponent takes damage from the flakes, a 10% more damage output than Hail due to the sharpness of the flakes.
{this move is ass and arn should feel bad for even coming up with it.
Why use this when Hail exists? I'd prefer this being renamed Razor Snow as MM suggested ages ago, and to rewrite it as an icy version of Sand Tomb or Fire Spin, a trapping DoT move that hinders the foe's movement.}

Magical Snowflake
Ice Barrier
Ice Barrier creates a shield of solid ice around your Pokémon which will protect it from one elemental or physical attack. Once hit, the shield will disappear. If an opponent Pokémon makes physical contact with the Ice Barrier, there is a 10% chance of it being inflicted with the condition "frozen". One use only per battle. Only Ice Types can learn this move.
Take my Fire Shield suggestion, switch the burn chance with a two-stage speed drop, and we'll be fine here. 100% freeze is broken as heck.}

Golden Fiddle
Unfinished Symphony
The user starts to sing a haunting melody causing a cloud of energy to swirl around their opponents head. When heard by any Pokémon other than the user, they fall into a confused state. The effects can last for up to three rounds, and throughout this time the opponent takes damage equal to that of Nightmare unless hit by a physical attack which will knock them out of their confusion.
{Great name, nice idea, bad execution.
This move should be Ghost type, for a start. The effects of the move should change to be less confused and more terrified, with a decent chance that the victim burns up energy but doesn't use their move, much like a widespread Spite effect. This effect would last for as long as an Encore would, and serve a sorta similar purpose in that it would burn energy rather than health. Soundproof pokemon would of course be immune to it.}

Pika Doll
Voodoo Bugaloo
When used the Pokémon summons out a psychically charged voodoo doll image - energy usage equal to a confusion - which then dangles in front of them for 10 seconds. During this time the Pokémon can prod with one psychic pin to paralyse the opponent, holding them in place for 10 seconds. While paralysed, the opponent cannot use any moves other than moves that use the eyes. Voodoo Bugaloo is only usable once per battle.
{As above, interesting concept ruined by implementation.
Low energy use to temporarily paralyze the target is rather underpowered for a once-only move. I propose the move to be used to damage the target, much as voodoo dolls were intended to do, and to prevent the use of any non-natural moves for a couple of rounds, as the target would suffer a curse of sorts.}

Magic Red Glass Rose
Thorns embeds the opponent in a flurry of stinging thorns. Once embedded opponent will be under the condition thorns and will receive 1/16th damage per turn while effected until cured or fainted. Status can be cured by Pokémon Centre, Full Restore, Full Heal, or Lum Berry.
{I don't like this being a status at all.
The damage over time aspect is fine, but I feel this would be better as a form of Spikes or other entry/movement hazard.}

Stale Water.

Unruly Premonition.
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