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Sector Shadow Mission Archive

Operation P.E.N.K.N.I.F.E.: Pichu Enemy Now Knapsacked Nicely In Fleeting Events
The first adventure in which Shadow and Grim, during their time in Mediville, apprehend a thieving mercenary and adventure-thirsty Pichu, returning him to his rightful owner and helping it give up a life of criminal escapades.

Operation S.I.N.N.O.H.: Scientific Individual Now Navigating Otherworldly Haven
In their bid to make a first proper capture, Shadow and Grim navigate the ethereal realm known as Excelsior, where they catch a Trash Coat Burmy and leave before the island vanishes from relevant existence.

Operation R.A.P.I.D.A.S.H.: Retrieve Absconded Ponies In Dangerous Area Somewhere Hidden
Shadow finds himself involved in sinister plots revolving around a mysterious organisation and the Shadow Pokémon phenomenon, and embarks on a treacherous rescue mission with Loretta Laramie of Elyra Field's Laramie Ranch. Discontinued.

Operation M.I.N.U.N.: Must Investigate Nidoran's Unfriendliness Now
A trip to the carnival and a search for a lost Pokémon suddenly turns into an unexpectedly dangerous quest to find and apprehend an abusive, thuggish trainer. Discontinued.

Operation C.O.N.N.O.R.: Creature Of Nastiness Now On Rampage
As part of an adoring public participating in a Fizzytopian festival celebrating a hero's victory over a forbidden legendary monster, Sector Shadow becomes involved in events grim and gruesome when the creature breaks free of its ancient prison. Discontinued.

Operation F.O.R.T.R.E.S.S.: From Outside Reconnaissance Try Rescuing Evanescently Stuck Somebody
On a trip to the Mystery Island of the Cloud Gardens, Shadow finds himself embroiled in a castle's forbidden history, and at the various whims of its local haunting inhabitants. Discontinued.

Operation B.A.S.E.: Banding Agents Suddenly Everywhere
A hunt for Staryu along the coasts of Ampere Beach takes a hurricane's worth of twists and turns, bringing together evil teams and a glimpse of the world Shadow had long since left behind. Its conclusion not only brings together a present close to Shadow's past, but a possible future as well.

Operation M.O.R.T.A.L.I.T.Y.: Murkrow Overseeing Revenant Tot Are Largely Imperious Towards You
Returning to the Cloud Gardens' Rainbow Road sends Shadow and some fresher cadets into a journey about the stratospheric zones in an unlikely quest to resolve a child's final wish.

Operation A.V.I.A.N.: Absconded Vullaby Is Around Necromantically
Shadow and the twin lady bird operatives explore the abandoned grounds of the Phantom Isle amusement park in a bid for experience and maturity, not knowing what dark secrets they are about to uncover. Ongoing.

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