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Umbreon Sector Shadow

"Your orders are to locate the missing leader of Sector Poké. Numbuh 151."

It had been Numbuh 37's first and last mission.

In the dawn of the very first age of the Kids Next Door, the founding leaders of Global Command had been deployed in sectors all around the world. Sector Poké, based in the Kanto Region, had been originally placed under control of the operative known as Ash Ketchum, codenamed Numbuh 151, who had mysteriously vanished in circumstances unknown. Most believed that his absence was attributed to as early the downfall of the Super-Triple-Extra-Large Treehouse, since he was never seen ever after, but a few operatives were convinced that he had simply grown up in whereabouts unknown. To this end, several smaller sectors were placed throughout the Pokémon sector, each tasked with the location of the legendary Numbuh 151 along with their usual missions of overthrowing adult tyranny.

Some generations later, the plan was eventually called off with the introduction of decomissioning. The name of Numbuh 151 was written off the official records, and by the time of the seventh age of Kids Next Door, few agents outside of Sector Poké still believed in his existence. Operatives in Sector Poké continued to be issued the orders to locate Numbuh 151, but many of them believed it a forlorn hope.

Numbuh 37, the one known as Shadow, had been part of Sector RSE in his time of commission, as a Research Specialist in the field of Pokémon operatives -- a new stipulation at the time given the advent of animal operatives, such as the infamous Numbuh 6 -- in addition to duties as 2x4 Technology Officer. In that period he carved a name for himself as an operative with wicked nameination skills, but he never appeared in the social spotlight. It was to prove a wise choice when the 151 Location Project was finally abandoned, and all operatives in Sector Poké were required to undergo decomissioning. In an emergencily constructed escape pod, Numbuh 37 managed to evade the efforts of Numbuh 86 and her Decomissioning Squad, to the world of Fizzy Bubbles. Yet, he has not quite forgotten his purpose as an operative, and dutifully continues the pursuit of his missions, ever faithful to the cause of the Kids Next Door...

Sector Shadow, Version 1.0

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