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Originally Posted by Copygoo View Post
Talon should read dang rope, I think it'd be right up his alley.
I would rather play the game or (as rumor has it) watch the anime adaptation. Reading or viewing a Let's Play is usually a last resort for me. Sorry. ^^;

To give you an example from not too long ago ... a few months ago, I decided to look for a non-obnoxious Let's Play of Fatal Frame 4: Mask of the Lunar Eclipse. The game never came to the United States and I never did import a Japanese copy while they were still relatively easy to get. Now they're pretty darn difficult to find. Not to mention that I never did put the Homebrew Channel on my Wii, and I kind of doubt that I could now, what with it having been updated by recent Nintendo firmware updates. Anyway , point is, I've wanted to play this game for years but I finally gave up waiting on Nintendo to localize it and said "Well okay then, let's watch someone else play it." I got through the prologue ... and closed out of YouTube. I was ever so slightly irritated with myself (like a 1 on a 10-point scale) and not at all pleased (like a 0 or a 1 on a 10 point scale). The reason being, I'd kind of ruined (now) my chance at experiencing that prologue the way it is meant to be experienced -- scared, having no clue where to go next, walking ever, ever, ever so cautiously -- because I'd just seen someone else barreling past rooms as though they weren't important ('cause he knew they weren't important. But I didn't know that!), checkpointing past every single ghost and treasure, etc. There was no horror while watching, no excitement. It was a shadow of the experience of playing the game yourself. So I closed out. "If this is what watching someone else play Fatal Frame 4 is going to be like for me, then I'd rather never play it at all than watch someone else beat it and then hate myself if I do one day get a chance to play it for myself."

Dangan Ronpa is by no means a Fatal Frame 4 to me. But the same general principle applies. I don't really want to read someone else's playthrough of a game that is supposedly a) maybe going to be brought to the United States in the near future and b) going to get an anime adaptation later this year. I'd like to be surprised by the anime, and an anime is sure to be a hell of a lot superior an experience than reading some kiddo's playthrough logs.
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