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Dangan Ronpa

Also known as Dang Rope, Dingle Rompers, Dangle Rocks, Drop, etc. etc.

(sorry about the let's play tacked on to the top there)

Dangan Ronpa, or Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Hope and the High School Students of Despair, is a Japanese-only video game released for the PSP about 15 high school students locked inside a massive high school academy for the most talented students in the nation and given an ultimatum: either live in the academy in peace and solitude for the rest of their lives, or kill a fellow student and avoid getting caught by the others, and be permitted to leave. The 15 kids brought together by the academy all superexcel in their given fields of expertise. There's a Super High School Level Swimmer and a Super High School Level Gambler, among others. The character designs and personalities are all really distinct and top-notch.

Dangan Ronpa (which i will from now on refer to as Dang Rope, as everyone does) has kind of been popular on Tumblr lately and I know for a FACT that ethe reads it so there's at least two fans here including myself. Dang Rope has a really cool and interesting story with really great characters and stuff and you should read it. It's also really depressing and "despair-inducing." It's like Battle Royale sort of.

Since most of us aren't fluent in Japanese, the way 95% of Dang Rope fans get to read it is by reading the Let's Play of the game, which is up on Something Awful here. This thread will also be used for discussion of the second game, Super Dangan Ronpa 2, which is currently being played, translated, and updated in a different thread on Something Awful. It should go without saying that you have to read DR1 first.


Spoilers, at least for the first game, go in spoiler boxes. Also if you read the plot synopsis of the second game on Wikipedia or you otherwise know the full plot of the second game, do not discuss spoilers here whatsoever. Not even in spoiler boxes. Let the ones like me who are reading the Let's Play catch up.

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