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Originally Posted by MarbleZone View Post

Heatstroke the Magcargo gains 2 levels and
Crix the Electivire gains 1 XP (deposit here)


This was really evenly matched! So sorry it took so longer, 3-on-3 is a whole different beast. Well done on making the Slugma line shine MM! And well done too ES, you responded to every round with some great choices - just a piece of advice, don't be afraid to use all three moves! You had plenty of energy left with Crix, and really, loss by energy usage is very rare with my calculations, so in future battles don't feel pressured into only ordering 2 moves per round! Congrats to both of you
"Heatstroke! Strength attack!" Keith exclaimed.

"Caaaargoooooooo!" bellowed the Magcargo. Crix's Quick Attack hit hard and fast, but the Fire/Rock-type, despite decreased defenses, wasn't about to go down from that! the Electivire found himself hoisted up above the Magcargo's head! With a loud cry, Heatstroke threw Crix down to the ground, and the Electivire... did not get back up!

"YES!" Keith cheered as the referee made the call. "Heatstroke, you rock!" he exclaimed. "Bad pun fully intended!"

"Cargoooo," smiled Heatstroke. He, too, was pleased with this outcome.

Keith had walked over and shaken Jake's hand. "A great battle, Jake," Keith smiled. "Thank you."

"Dat was pretty close near the end," Meowth remarked as Keith walked back over to his Magcargo.

"Yeah, it was," Keith nodded. As he spoke, he sent back out his exhausted Victreebel and Feraligatr. "Well done, all of you, "he said with a proud smile. "Couldn't have won this without you three being so awesome."

"GATOOOOOR!" Gold replied, hugging his Trainer. Goyle added in his usual shriek, and chomped down on Keith's head. Heatstroke couldn't really do something similar, of course, not without burning his Trainer, but he smiled up at Keith, happy to have a Trainer like Keith.

Thanks for the awesome battle, ES, and for reffing it, MZ. I don't even mind that it took a while to get done because I had so much fun with it. It was awesome to finally get to use Gold, Goyle, and Heatstroke in some serious battles.

*Heatstroke grew to level 43!*

*Heatstroke learned Body Slam!*

*Heatstroke grew to level 44!*

*Heatstroke received a trophy!*
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