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So 4-5 is really hard.

There is two main routes you can take: BCFJM or BEHM

B Node is a Manual Choice node. It allows you to make the choice between either C or E.

C Node isn't exactly hard, but really annoying. Every formation is either Line Ahead (so they do extra damage) or Double Line (extra accuracy). 1 Ta-Class, 2 Ri-Class, 1 Tsu-Class and 2 stormtrooper grunts. The Ta is the really only threatening one, but because of the formations and because of pure luck, I've gotten sent back before for different reasons (fucking Tsu-class critting Suzuya into taiha ;A;).

F node is a joke. Sub node with no real threat.

J node is a lot like C. It's either Double Line or Diamond (pray for Diamond, it reduces their accuracy and damage output), but instead of the 2 Ri-Class, you get a Nu-Class and a Ne-Class. The Ne-Class is virtually a Ta-Class as well, only barely weaker while having a powerful ending torpedo stat.

"But Blaze! Couldn't you go BEHM? That sounds shorter!" It is. But E node is a Night Battle involving the mighty BRS, a Ri-Class who for all intents and purposes is a stronger Ta-Class with a massive torpedo stat and a good 40 luck for cut-ins. More Ne-Class, but its worth noting they have 70 luck, which means even with a Searchlight and Star Shells, she will still give you hell with cut-ins. Oh, and more Ta-Class.

And H...well...FUCK.THIS.NODE. A Demon type enemy with massive armor making her nearly unkillable in the daytime, Wo-Class Flagship II with Hellcats (affectionately known as "Takoyaki Wo") and Ru-Class Flagship Kai. Bulky as hell, stronger than Wanko and Re-Class. And one of the formations has two of each. The only gift you get is a He-Class. Okay no. fuck this node ;^;

It's been massively irritating, and especially having to deal with another Ru Flagship Kai at the boss node and missing the kill several times. Just. Irritating. To TTKs who are thinking of challenging 4-5, you need to be prepared.
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