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Toy Story 3 is much more derivative than 2. The villain, Buzz brainwash, and Ken/Barbie stuff are all ideas first presented in the second film. There was forced drama with the dump. The entire day care was basically a huge side show to soften the impact of the whole film's premise, the break-up, which was already gutted early in the film with foreshadowing. I think of Toy Story 3 as closer to Cars than the untouchable masterpiece that is the 2nd film, let alone the first. And to be honest, I liked the 2nd more when I saw them originally but I didn't appreciate the first fully until I got older. Though, the CGI really holds it back now, to the point of distraction.

Personally, the most out-of-body experience for me was seeing Andy drive a car. I was 23 when Toy Story 3 came out and would not get a driver's license for another 5 years. So it was really, really jarring to see this child driving a car without supervision.
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