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47m05s into Spider-Man: Homecoming, will finish the film later tonight. So far, so very good! An easy 8/10 thus far. While it's a little weird going from Raimi 1 to Raimi 2 to Raimi 3 to Amazing 1 to Amazing 2 and then back in time (Peter-wise) yet forward in time (Avengers-wise) to this, it's been fun getting to see Spider-Man at his youngest as well as many of the other little things this film decides to try out.

Spoiler: show
It's interesting to have a high school BFF who is in on the secret. I don't want him to ever become a superhero or a mutant or whatnot, but I wouldn't be opposed to him factoring in in the future Jimmy Olsen-style.

I haven't gotten to see too much of the Vulture yet, but so far I am enjoying Keaton's acting immensely. It's so great to see him back on the saddle after such a long absence. God bless Birdman for turning things around for him. He's doing an excellent job of portraying an intelligent-but-still-salt-of-the-earthy foreman.

Not a fan of how much everything feels Team Tony rather than Team Cap here, but I guess I'll still need to see both Iron Man 3, Captain America 3, and Avengers 2 before I can say more on this. Cap 4 life, though! (And fuck the bullshit "Hail Hydra" nonsense that one writer wrote a few years ago. )

Marisa Tomei as MILF-or-GMILF Aunt May is really bizarre.

Equally bizarre to me is how little Homecoming focuses on Uncle Ben, despite the fact that we're asked to believe that this Peter Parker is a high school freshman/sophomore/junior (NOT senior), incredibly young, and that Uncle Ben's passing should have been really recent. Like, I'm not saying have him be pervasive, but like ... it would've made decent sense if at the houseparty scene, when Peter was contemplating showing up Flash by having Spider-Man visit the party, he had recalled Uncle Ben's words about great power and great responsibility. Maybe it's coming later in the movie. *shrug*

Who the heck is Liz? Part of me doesn't mind the invention of a new female love interest, but part of me is a little surprised given that the Spider-Man universe has no shortage of love interests for the webslinger. Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Felicia Hardy ... Surprising to me and strange that they either invented a new character out of thin air or else that they pulled someone out of the deep corners of one of the lesser explored comics.

The one thing this movie nails is getting a Peter Parker who feels like an authentic teenage boy whilst also compatible with the canonical personality of Peter Parker. I don't know why it was so important to them that this iteration of Peter be a child instead of a young man, but they've absolutely nailed it with the acting and the writing. Very, very well done. And to be perfectly honest? Love it or hate it, it does feel a lot more authentic to the idea of "Peter Parker becomes Spider-Man whilst still in high school," whereas earlier depictions of Peter, including the old Fox cartoon and other sources predating Raimi's movies, definitely gave us a Peter who felt more like a ... 25-year old man who frequently talks and acts like an Eagle Scout, despite the sass, and who is teeeeeeeechnically a high school teen, wink wink. It's like ... I could never buy that Fox Cartoon Peter was a high schooler (which is why the transition to university was so welcome), but Homecoming Peter is very much so believably a high schooler.
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