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Just watched Blade Runner for the very first time. (It was the Director's Cut, the one I think from the early or mid '90s? It mentioned a copyright of like 1992 at the end.) Thoughts:

Spoiler: show
Easy to see how massively influential it has been on all the science fiction and especially cyberpunk that has come out of the past 35 years.

... But at the same time, I wasn't a fan. ^^; It was an okay movie. Breaking it down:
  • the ideas and concepts it deals with are interesting
  • but it doesn't deal with them in very interesting ways
  • the film feels very dull, despite its extraordinary setting and subject matter
  • the plot leaves a great many questions unanswered
  • I enjoy the ambiguity surrounding Deckard's own origins
  • I really didn't care much for Vangelis's soundtrack ^^; , much less think it deserved a BAFTA O_o
  • I thought the character development was astonishly weak / absent in this movie. Like, borderline missing for the vast majority of the named characters.
  • I don't really get the finale of Roy's fight with Deckard, though I was impressed by the line he delivered and am delighted to find it impressed so many others it has its own frickin' Wikipedia article assigned to it XD
Would I watch it again? If I had to. Do I want to watch it again? No. (Or at least not any time soon.) Do I want to own a copy? Hell no. It's a very strange movie in many regards, an unmistakable product of the same time period that gave us Labyrinth and Mad Max.

But am I glad to have seen it? Well sure, absolutely. Its mark on anime is indelible, and I can clearly see that now, having seen the film for myself. Ghost in the Shell. Psycho-Pass. These franchises are very, very clearly influenced by Blade Runner.

One last thing: got super turned off by the "sex scene" with Rick and Rachael at Rick's apartment. MAN WAS THAT RAPEY! It was just gross. How she tries to run away but he bars her escape and slams the door shut. How it then escalates to him abusively shoving her away from the door into property of his in the apartment. (The fuuuuck ...? ) How it then further escalates to him ordering her to tell him that she wants him to do sexual things to her ... WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT ALL ABOUT!? Not sure whether that's to be blamed on Ridley Scott or on the 1980s or what, but good god. Massive turnoff. ... Perhaps meant to be another sign that Deckard is an empathy-lacking Replicant? *tomatoed*
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