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Ok, people have done some digging and found a backstory to BotW already. I'll summarize it in the spoiler (from memory so may be a bit off) and link the video when I hit PC.
Spoiler: show
Basically, all the tribes lived in harmony, with machinery granted to them by the sheikah. Then Calamity Ganon showed up and started doing his evil and corruption thing. The princess and the hero tried 'in vain' to seal him away, and the Sheikah deployed a mechanical army as a last-ditch effort: The Divine Beasts and the Guardians. But Ganon took control of them and it all went to shit basically. He was sealed but Link almost died, and was put in the chamber of resurrection to heal. The king blamed the Sheikah and they were banished. Skip forwards a bit and civilisation's rebuilding, but Ganon's getting back up. Oh, and Zelda leads the Sheikah apparently.

Spoiler: show
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