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Response to Talon:
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Maybe it does form a fifth timeline, idk. But the Koroks alone are not decisive evidence.

Also there were already four timelines. There was an official one published in Japan last year for a sale.
Unified Timeline is SS, MC, FS and OoT.
Adult Timeline is WW, PH and ST.
Child Timeline is MM, FSA and TP.
Downfall timeline is LttP, OoS, OoA, LA, LBW, LoZ and LoZ II.

For the first point, there is no plothole there. WW explained it well, but equally would it be beyond the realms of possibility that the goddesses might have tried something that wouldn't destroy Hyrule first? The gap between OoT and WW is never codified: It simply says that there were 'many years' between OoT's end and the flood, and then long enough for people to forget Hyrule, which implies generations, before WW. There is time for it to occur there. There's also time for it to occur almost literally anywhere else, but, to me at least, the time of the flood would fit because I doubt that the goddesses would destroy Hyrule as their first response to the threat of Ganon. They'd call back a hero to slay the beast, from death if need be. Either he failed, or he wasn't supposed to succeed, and was merely supposed to stall Ganon while the goddesses ensured the innocents were up the mountains before the flood. In all honesty though, there's no solid confirmations for anything and that alone is all that we know of.
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