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Round 2

Having dealt a lot of damage, Lucky decides to take this round a little easier on himself. He Feigns a move to the other direction, and his foe falls for it, allowing the Duskull to approach for an Attack. But right there, The O.G. blasts yet another stream of Scalding hot water at the Ghost type. The ghoul yells out in pain, I mean we're talking about boiling hot water, right? So this makes Lucky's attack interrupted, then The O.G's maw begins to collect a large amount of water before Hydraulically Pumping it out at a fast pace. The pressure from the stream of water pushes Lucky back and also relieves that short term burning sensation (He wasnt burned, blame RNG).

Summary: Both are roughly tied in health now, Lucky's Dark has been lightly used. Lucky is refreshed, while The O.G is good for two, but panting lightly.
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