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The shattering of a heart when being broken is the loudest quiet ever.

Despite the deluge of overwhelming confusion and panic threatening to reduce August to a large, scaly ball of tears, August attempts to remain resolute in the face of her dear friend and former training partner. How many sparring matches had ended with the pair attempting to strut away with dignity as Zelgius walked carefully to conceal a limp, or August sheathed her wings to hide a bruise? They spent their whole relationship hiding their injuries from one another under a veneer of strength and stoicism... and yet, August had not thought that concealment extended to emotional pain. She had been forthright and honest with Zelgius whenever her heart was hurting, even if that hurt did not come across in words, and even if he never saw her cry... and even if Zelgius never said anything in return, she had thought he understood her. Her mind. Her spirit. He knew how to comfort her, and she thought that was enough. She thought his intent was to protect and honor her as a respected companion, much like she strove to protect and honor him. She had bore her heart to him, in her own way. For him to completely disarm her like this... What reason could he possibly have? Why would he, the one Pokemon she could trust for comfort, be the one to cause her so much pain?

In that moment, he begins to sing. It is a familiar song, one that August had heard many times from Marion when she was a tiny Dratini. A favorite of the careless, often headstrong trainer, who struck many metaphorical bells and bid many dangers in her lifetime... A four-line poem encapsulating the choice between taking a risk or living with the maddening thought of losing out on opportunity. In Marion's rendition, it was a calm, gentle tune, yet with a hint of fire and passion lurking beneath the ethereal voice... Yet in Zelgius' deep, resonant voice, those same lyrics took on a whole new meaning; it was a paradoxical joining of lamentation and excitement, of passion and of undying yearning; it was a song from deep within, and despite the simplicity of its melody, it carried layers of meaning which sunk deep beneath August's scaly exterior. Even so, August's mind races for an explanation. Did Durandal sing that song to another woman? Did Zelgius catch him doing it? Is that what this is all about? Did Durandal cheat on me using that song or something? That would make sense. It would hurt... She would be heartbroken, more heartbroken than she had ever been in her entire life, but it would make sense...

This... what Zelgius tells her, by way of explanation for his song... this does NOT make sense.

Zelgius?! In love with HER?! Nonsense! It was out of the question. It simply couldn't be. It COULD NOT be. August and Zelgius had been friends for years, and if he had been in love with her, she would have known. Or, at least, he would have let her know. Right? ...Right? Why on Earth would he NOT tell her? Why would he wait until the night of her wedding? Why would he lie, when he said that she deserved a partner who would help her bear a child? A partner with the same dragon blood coursing through his veins? Had he not meant those statements? The confused, hurt August, in a wild search for sense in what she considers to be an utterly nonsensical scene, puffs up her chest and takes a bold step forward towards Zelgius.

I see what you are doing here now, Zelgius, August growls, her nostrils flared. You are attempting to challenge me, is that it? Challenge my love for Durandal? You wish to test my loyalty, is that it? Well, you need not even try! I will not waiver for my beloved. Not even for- A slight hesitation crosses August's expression, but she grits her teeth and continues; ...Not even for you, my friend. Despite August's strong stance, an oddly pleading expression seems to take hold of her eyes. Please, Zelgius... Stop this foolishness. I took my vows and I mean to uphold them. You need not do this to show my resolution and devotion.

As August speaks, Bedivere does his best to translate for Marion, who can already read the vehement denial in August's expression. The lavender-haired trainer shakes her head and sighs, lacing and unlacing her fingers with anxiety at the unraveling situation. Minerva, eagerly feeding on the growing tension, pokes her trainer on the shoulder with a sadistic little smile, talking over Bedivere's translation.

"Oh, Ma-ry... You of all peo-ple should be HAP-PY that Zel is voi-cing his true feel-ings! He has made his choice, and he has struckkk the bell. Can you blame him?" Minerva's smile widens. "If you loved some-one... would you not tell them?"

Minerva's eyes shift discreetly in the direction of the party's host, and Marion's cheeks immediately flush in spite of herself. "I... I, uh, I do think it would be, uh, admirable to... but I can understand if someone would be... er... Well..."

Minerva's cackle grows louder with every stammer. "Well said, Ma-ry. Ve-ry el-o-quent re-sponsssse."

"Well, what about you, then? What would you say to that question?" Marion crosses her arms, attempting to regain composure.

"Meeee?" Minerva smiles. "I ne-ver said an-y-thing a-bout be-ing ho-nest a-bout my feeel-ingsss. That is YOUR neur-o-sisss, not miiine. I know bet-ter than to do some-thing fool-ish like, oh, ad-mit to be-ing in love. Let THEM fi-gure it out, dearrr." Minerva grins. "Though it does not do at all if you are BOTH clue-lesss... Sil-ly hu-mans that you are."

"That's not fair. I can't read emotions like you can. I think you're holding me to a-"

"Shhh!" Minerva puts a cloth hand over Marion's mouth. "I want to see what hap-pens next in this dra-ma."
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