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Nobody's going to win ... isn't that right?

Amethyst had the suspicion that Orchrist and Sothe may have known about Zelgius' feelings for August, and that they may have been there long before he was traded to Balmund and evolved in his care. Chris simply responded by essentially questioning Amethyst's interest in that. Sothe added that they didn't really know for sure about Zelgius, just that they had gut feelings about him that were conveniently right. "Well, I was ... just curious," Amethyst said quickly. She thought about asking them why they didn't interfere with things beforehand, but she wised up about that; they obviously knew better than to act on gut instincts alone and were content to let things play out. In fact, Chris seemed to want things to play out this way for some reason. "It appears she knew all about this, however," Sera cut in, pointing towards Minerva whose grin seemed to stretch beyond her seams. "I needed only a slight glance inside her mind in order to confirm it." Of course that ragdoll knew, Amethyst thought to herself, the slight shiver down her spine noticeable only to her. She seems to know everything, which makes her even creepier.

Orchrist then went on about how love and loyalty each played into this scenario, and that August was being challenged on both fronts by Zelgius' rebellion. Amethyst, Sarkhan, and Sera then each understood what Sothe was talking about ... because they started to share the same prediction for what was going to happen next (and Sera didn't even need to read the other two minds at all to know this) ... But they knew way better than to interfere, and they knew what the younger Pokemon would try to do. Sarkhan went to hold Leila and Laika--which admittedly did hurt them due to his Rough Skin--while Amethyst twisted her body so it held Seshiro's. As the younger three protested, the older, more experienced Pokemon of Hyrem's team refused to give an inch. Sera went to hold Hyrem's hand, transmitting her sinking feelings through a dark blue color, and the young boy understood as he lightly embraced his Kirlia. Everyone was now prepared for the worst to happen.

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