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And you'll be the one who left me undone by my own hesitation.

Durandal gives one final look toward August before beginning his speech, to which the proud lady dragon responds by nodding her head in firm and resolute encouragement. Even in her pride, however, a flush rises to her cheeks at his glance, still very much under the spell of their recent joining. Marion is sensitive to August's reaction to Durandal, and immediately starts to get a sense of what the announcement might entail... Minerva seems similarly attuned, though her eagerness comes with a bit of a dark fascination. After all, she had been feeding on the emotions of others for years, and she could easily identify the distinct flavor of Zelgius' feelings towards August back when the two still spent their days together, meditating, stargazing and training. More than the warm regard of friendship, there was something more intense... a sort of burning. A sweet and bitter pain within the Scizor's heart that he held deep within, yet was easy for one of her capabilities to sense. For the sake of Zelgius, she had kept what she knew a secret, even from Marion, but she somehow doubted those emotions would remain secret for long. In fact, she caught the scent of something brewing in the shadows now that August and Durandal were about to make their big announcement... A grim resolution that was absolutely delectable. Oh, yesss... Something interesting was about to happen, and all of this sickeningly sweet excitement was about to give way to something far more palatable to the Banette's tastes.

As Durandal begins his speech, Bedivere immediately begins translating for the humans in the crowd, the regal Frillish capturing Durandal's sentiments near-exactly, complete with a bit of a royal flourish. In the delay between listening and translating, the eager Frillish misses Zelgius' response... but Minerva hears it perfectly.

"Zel-gi-usss has an ob-jec-tion," Minerva offers by way of translation, a rather odd grin plastered across her cloth face. Much like Chris, the Banette seems dreadfully calm for such a surprising and shocking event. Bedivere, whose eyes widen in contrast at the sudden development, immediately begins translating Duran's response for Marion, who is just as shocked as her Frillish; though she had known that August and Zelgius had been dear friends for a very long time, the two were not in the same breeding group, and she had always gathered that the two had a mutual understanding that what they had between them was more of the nature of siblings than lovers... Yet Zelgius was clearly objecting to the match, and Marion could think of no other reason why the Scizor would object to their pairing...

While Marion listens to Bedivere's translation, August looks on in sheer, dumbfounded horror. Not nearly as emotionally perceptive as her doll-like teammate or her trainer, she cannot even begin to fathom why Zelgius would oppose to her relationship with Durandal. Had the fact that the Salamence lost the battle been shameful to Zelgius? Had he thought that August deserved a mate that was stronger than her? No, Zelgius would not be the type to make such judgments... and even if Durandal had lost, he fought bravely and with immense power, such that August had to earn her victory. Why, then...? Why would Zelgius disapprove of their relationship? Was there something about Durandal that Zelgius knew by virtue of being his teammate that August did not? The Dragonite's mind whirls with possibilities, although none of them even remotely consider any emotional reasons on Zelgius' part.

Giving her former teammate and close friend a look that could only be described as heartbroken, she cannot find the words to address his objection, other than a deep, mournful Why?
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