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Bikkurishita nee...

As everyone crammed into the living room, two Dragon-types were the center of attention. Even Leila and Laika had to stop so they wouldn't distract from the moment. Then, as the announcement was made, everyone had looks of awe and excitement. Durandal and August were now an official couple, and if anyone was in any way against the bonding of two dragons who could own almost anyone in battle if they needed to now was the time to speak up. Of course, neither Hyrem nor his Pokemon were going to wish ill will against it, but when Zelgius, a brave Scizor and one of Durandal's teammates, stood up to challenge them, everyone was in shock, but none more so than Durandal, though each of Hyrem's Pokemon had varied reactions to the development.

"Whoa, what gives, Zelge?" said Sarkhan, his jaw dropping slightly. Sera unwittingly transmitted a dark yellow towards the Scizor's head in her flustered state, while the younger Pokemon, Leila, Laika, and Seshiro, could only wonder at what exactly was happening in front of them. As Zelgius assumed a battle pose, even Amethyst was surprised. "Wait, what's goi-" she started to say before she noticed her elder counterpart flash a wide grin. "You... did you know about this?" she asked Orchrist and Sothe. For two teammates watching a drama of such magnitude unfold on their comrades like this, the older reptiles seemed to be a little too calm about the whole thing. What else did they know that the others didn't?
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