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Sarkhan couldn't really contemplate how getting scratched on the head was such a big deal to Aislyn (getting your chin rubbed, now that's where it's at!). Then again, he pretty much had a thick, rocky skull, so he wouldn't be able to feel anything up there even if he wanted to. Aislyn then talked about how Hyrem should have a Vulpix, and Sarkhan nodded his head. "Yeah, he's been talkin' about how he wants one a' you guys. That, and whatev'a Shinx is. Used t' be he'd go on 'n on 'bout a Sneasel, but now he got Leila," he grunted, nodding his head toward the Sneasel playing with the smaller Pokemon. "Real looker, too."

Then Aislyn went off to play with Hyrem the smaller Pokemon but not before regarding Sarkhan, to which he simply nodded and grunted. Meanwhile, Leila and Laika saw Aislyn get tagged as she joined the game. Leila figured she could use her Quick Attack to escape the Ninetales, while Laika's Double Team might be able to fool the fox's senses and have her tag a fake Poochyena.

At the same time, Seshiro tried to say hi to Kerrigan, the Mantlarva, but she didn't show any sign of reaction at all! "Um..." Seshiro hissed before sweatdropping, puzzled at what might be going on in the bug's mind. He even tried flicking his tongue out to pick up a possible clue, but ... nothing. Well. That was weird. Vega continued to slither forward, and Seshiro tried to keep up, though the peculiar bug remained on his mind even as he entered the first floor too, which Hyrem noticed as he sat on the couch. "Hey, guys! You ready to join the party?" Seshiro nodded and made his way towards the couch.

Then a pair of mighty roars resounded through the base, and Marion, Balmund, their Pokemon, and some of Hyrem's all went to greet the guests of honor. "Wait, are those the dragons?" Hyrem asked. "Now that I think about it, I haven't seen them yet." He figured they would congregate towards the living room, though, so he made no effort to leave the couch, instead allowing Seshiro to coil up on the seat next to him before running his hand over the rattlesnake's top coil, though not to close to his head since that tended to make the little Ekans nervous.

Back with Sarkhan, he expected to hear something from Orchrist, but it was almost like she ignored him. The Druddigon wasn't really sure what to make of this, but he started to step away from Chris just in case. His mood changed, however, when the door opened to reveal August and Durandal. "Yo, Duran! What up, homie!" he roared happily. "'N August too, how ya been, yo!" Amethyst took note of what was likely blood and started smelling. Their breath smelled like ... like they ate something really good. This must be some sort of occasion since Balmund then asked everyone to congregate back to the living room, which Hyrem's Pokemon did, Sarkhan standing behind the couch where Hyrem was while Amethyst reclaimed her spot next to the couch where Orchrist and Sothe were and Sera floated onto her beloved trainer's lap before sitting gracefully on it. Whatever this announcement was, it was clear everyone was going to be witness to a momentous occasion.
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