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Balmund rushes out of the kitchen, almost juggling platefuls of the various courses he had been preparing all morning. A roasted piece of mystery meat. Whatever it was, it looked superbly juicy as fat dripped down its candy-like skin. There was Basmati Rice & Mushrooms; Creamy 'Karp Ceviche with Golden Apples; a jar of fruity White Sangria; and there still seemed to be more inside.

Upon recognizing the roar of her dragon, Marion turns to Balmund with a strange look in her eyes, alerting him of their return. He returns the look with a strange smile on his face, despite his panting. "I know. A bit earlier than expected, but that's fine." Bedivere then suggests them having to go and greet them, and gently starts forward in encouragement. "You're right about that." Balmund commented, hanging his black apron on one of the chairs before following them to the entrance.

Going up the stairs, Seshiro takes the time to greet Kerrigan, who he had only noticed. Her response was not likely like what he was expecting however as, well, she didn't respond at all! Her eyes instead only fixated on him in an odd manner. Her thoughts, unreadable. "All in due time." Vega said, ever looking forward. He stops as he reaches the first floor, taking a long whiff with the tip of his forked tongue as if trying to sense for something in particular.

Almost everyone seemed to have gathered, except maybe the little ones who still seemed to be playing tag behind along with Aislyn. Fa sure wasn't going to let herself be tagged. She had a secret trick up her sleeves, and when they least expect it, a sudden rush of Agility would let her escape out of anyone's reach, or so she naively thought.

Chris had also noticed Sarkhan following them. She had practically ignored him as he apologized for the incident back then, and though she heard him just fine, she wasn't in the mood to expend even an ounce of energy to reply. No, nothing else was going to ruin her little game today. She had in part intended for this matchup to truly happen, but at the same she needed to test it thoroughly. In a way, it was like she was looking for answers for herself. Of course, a little drama in the process was always entertaining.

At the other side, Durandal was starting to look anxious. He almost wanted to barge in by himself, but he waited patiently nonetheless. He had turned to August, and smiled reassuringly, though that gesture was half for himself. Then, the door started moving, and as it opened to completion, he saw them all, greeting them cheerfully for their return. Such a welcome he wasn't expecting, did they already know? There was his lord, and his lady's mistress. Minerva, Orchirst, Sothe, Bedivere, Sarkhan, Arthur, Sera ... Zelgius? He thought he momentarily saw the shadow of his friend, thought it suddenly vanished.

"Welcome back!" Chris had greeted them. "Just in time for dinner~ Though here I thought you were going to spend more quality time alone."

"If that pinkish red hue running down their throats is what I think it is, I think they've had plenty." Sothe added.

"Oh shush you. No need to point that bit out." She snapped back, though casually, without a single hint of irritation.

Balmund takes a few steps forward to meet the two. "My lord." Durandal said in a soft growl as he placed his hand over his forhead before turning his gaze over to August and Marion.

"Alright everyone, back to the living room, and gather the rest. They have something to say, and it's best there isn't a single witness missing."

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