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Sarkhan's sense of smell was sharp; the Ninetales and Scizor both had the scent of the lady with August's scent on her. Aislyn, the Ninetales, was still owned by Marion, while Zelgius now belonged to Balmund. Then Aislyn asked if she had met him before. "Nah, don't think we have," Sarkhan grunted. "Name's Sarkhan. I belong to that kid over there," he said, pointing towards Hyrem sitting on one of the couches. "Come to think 'f it, he'd talk 'bout some Ninetales he likes. You wouldn't happen to be...?"


Laika seems slightly disappointed that the Sceptile turned down his offer to play, but he was fine with it. "Okay!" he barks before running around with Liliana and Fa, playing tag. Leila still stays by Sothe, however, who insists that Arthur is just too young to be thinking about love. Then she thought; others have told her the same thing. What if she needs to get older and more experienced? Maybe it would be for the best; after all, if she were a Weavile, she would be even more beautiful and maybe attract some stronger Pokemon as well. She'd certainly be able to improve her relationships with Laika and Sirius. "I... you might be right... and them too," Leila finally said after thinking it over. "Maybe I should wait for a while, and get stronger. Then I'd be able to win over someone really strong!"

Sera and Arthur had entered the living room at that point, and Leila knew Sera didn't approve of the scene. Not that she needed the approval of a know-it-all Kirlia. Amethyst was a little more interested in the younger Ralts. Now was her chance to boss around a Ralts like she should have always been able to! Wait, Sothe called her Chris's groupie? She'd have to set that straight. "Hold on, Sothe," she hissed defensively. "I am no 'groupie' to anyone. I just happen to be very good friends with- Chris!" she hissed suddenly as Orchrist arrived in the living room, looking less irritated than before. "Nice to see you again~!"

Orchrist then gave Sarkhan an icy stare, resulting in the figurative "chill in his spine". Zelgius then whispered to Sarkhan that now was his chance to make amends with her after what had happened in the past. He was still afraid of her, but deep down he knew that he needed to get this over with. The Druddigon swallowed his pride (and any meat still in his mouth) and cautiously approached the powerful Seviper. "Yo, so... 'bout what I did... I wasn't thinkin' then. I just... just wanna say... 'm sorry." There. He said it. Now he heard from her teammates that Chris wasn't the type to forgive someone easily, but he still hoped she would forgive him. Amethyst looked on slightly surprised. Sarkhan was about as stubborn as she was, so to hear an apology coming from his mouth was a little shocking. Then again, it was Chris he was apologizing to. By that point, Orchrist was strong enough to make most grown Pokemon cry.

Soon after, Orchrist slithered into the living room, now glaring at Leila. "Eep!" the Sneasel squeaked, sweat starting to drip down the back of her head. She was sure this Seviper was intending to skin her if she didn't vacate the couch immediately. "Ehehe, maybe I should go and play with Laika after all," Leila chuckled nervously before slinking off the couch, trying not to move too suddenly, then made a small effort to make it comfy for the true owner of that seat before dashing off to find Laika and the others. As long as she didn't have to face the deadly stare of that Seviper, she would be fine... right?

Orchrist's appearance also made Sera slightly nervous. It was hard to tell what Chris's thoughts were when Sera interacted with her, and that made her even more dangerous, to say nothing of how strong she was. "He-hello, Miss Orchrist," she said softly. Amethyst grinned; it was easy for her to appreciate Orchrist's ability to make Sera squirm just by entering a room.

Hyrem, meanwhile, was told that the Ralts with Sera was indeed Balmund's. "Wow, you must've gotten him recently then! Are... you okay back there?" he asked, noticing Balmund's reply struggled to come out. He had seen how the sand-colored Gabite was trying to stop his trainer from putting away the alcohol, and Balmund's voice telling Narsil to quit bugging him was also heard. Clearly, this dragon hadn't given up yet.

Hyrem's attention then shifted to Orchrist, who had just arrived in the living room. He remembered how friendly she was back at the bar and hoped she would still be just as friendly towards him now. He'd been through Amethyst's mood swings, however, and couldn't know for sure what Chris would be like at that moment. "Hi, Orchrist," he said in as friendly a tone as he could, though, just as with Sera, a slight hint of nervousness lingered.

Then a roar erupted from outside which Sarkhan at least recognized. He had almost forgotten about Durandal! "Oh yeah, my homie Duran!" Sarkhan roared with delight as he followed the rest of the Pokemon that were heading out to see the dragons. Amethyst also followed out of a slight interest in meeting more powerful Pokemon.


Seshiro was assured that Vega expressed a desire to meet Nagini, albeit indirectly. Then Vega said a quick prayer and beckoned the little Ekans and Kerrigan to follow him up the stairs. Wai-wait, who was Kerrigan? Seshiro looked behind him and saw an interesting looking creature. "Oh, I didn't see you!" he called out to the Mantlarva. "I knew I smelled something, but it was so unfamiliar... I'm Seshiro, and you're... Kerrigan?" he asked while continuing to slither up the stairs with Vega.

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