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It hurts, but it hurts good.

What is love without pain indeed. Sothe couldn't help rubbing off the sting on his shoulder as he briefly meditated on that thought. For sure, there was plenty of pain in his life, but, strangely, he grew to love that very much. Totally not creepy, he would think, but then again, he knew his opinions on the matter were ultimately so subjective, as everyone else's. It's all in one's mind after all.

Sothe's attention then turns to, well, everyone else as he seemed to be attracting a lot of it lately. Leila takes seat beside him and asked him if he had been named after someone else, a question which Sothe himself did not know the answer to. If Balmund had taken inspiration out of somewhere for it, the Sceptile was blissfully ignorant of the fact, nor did he really mind too much. He though of a few witty responses to that, some a bit more unpalatable than others, but before he could utter a a single word, Laika, followed by Liliana and Fa, approached him looking for more players to play tag with. Sothe smirks as he's called "lizard guy" by the energetic Poochyena and makes no effort to correct him though Leila sure did that all by herself. An almost childish part of him contemplated the offer. Maybe an innocent game of tag was what he needed to ease some of the bitterness in his heart. He had grown into adulthood a bit too fast, and never did much to appease his inner Treecko. But no, his adult, rational mind still held the dominant thought that he was much too old for that kind of games; his new favored ones now involving drinking and good looking women. He politely shakes his head in a clear "thanks, but no thanks" gesture. "You guys have fun now. Don't be too rough on them Fa, this isn't like that other game were we all beat the crap out of each other."

As Narsil then found himself being dragged back into the kitchen, Minerva seems to look disappointed as her chance to mix drinks for them all faded away, and inquires Sothe about Balmund's action. "Heh, heh, I wouldn't say there's a strict rule per se, but you haven't seen good jolly Nars after he's had one drink too many, though I'm sure you'd get a kick out of that. Best not to fuel his addiction, it's already pretty bad as is." "Stop it! No! No! No biting! Hey!" Balmund's voice could be heard coming off the kitchen. "Though really, what kind of self-respecting trainer does give drinks to his Pokémon. What would our horribly close-minded human society think about that?! Some loons might even pull a 'Pokémon Cruelty' flag on him for doing such a thing. That said, we're amongst friends and family now, aren't we? Don't let such a thing like this stop you. You might as well go ask for them yourself. In fact, forget about asking, just take them. My home is your home, after all (and who would dare stop you anyways)."

Then noticing the Ralts that accompanied Sera, Hyrem asked surprised if that was Balmund's Pokémon, to which Balmund instantly replied with a big yes which came out apparently after much effort.

"Arthur, my boy, you're alive!" Sothe greeted him. "Come, meet our newfound friends. This is Minerva, she pulls all the strings. Acting like you're in control is fine as long as you remember that you're not. That's Amethyst, Chris's groupie; she will eat you alive if she gets the chance. And this's Leila. All I'll say is that you're too young to be thinking about love. You should go play tag with the rest of the kids. By the way, has she calmed down yet?"

"I did my best." Was all the little Ralts replied, before bowing in greeting to the rest of the group.

"I see. You'll get better at it with time. She needs someone like you."


"If fate has it, I will meet them one day." Vega reassured the young Ekans. He then closed his eyes and muttered a quick prayer before turning to Seshiro once again. "Come now, the wheels of fate are turning. They have arrived. You too Kerrigan." The regal Arbok turned around before making way for the stairs. The Mantlarva seems to quietly observe both snakes for a moment, before following after them, making sure too keep a very healthy space between them and herself.


She's let loose enough steam for now. It always bothered Orchrist how easily she gave in to her emotions. Wanting always to be the one in control, she grew strong; as strong as one of her kind could ever possibly be. All physical limits surpassed, hardly could anyone challenge her authority, for it was backed by power. Yet, why did it seem like she could never put her emotions in check? No matter how strong she got, she still felt incredibly weak and easy to manipulate, and this irritated her to no end. That stupid Sceptile. Somehow, she felt him a source of her weakness, and yet, she couldn't get rid of him. He was like that one unwanted mutt that one simply grows fond of after three days. It was hard to kick him off the streets at that point, and a part of her did in fact enjoy the sarcasm, the lack of compassion and consideration, and the impertinence.

She slithers down the stairs and finds herself with Zelgius's group along the way. She glares the Druddigon coldly for a moment before turning to the Scizor. "She's here. Say what you need to say now or spend the rest of your life in regret." The Scizor does nothing other than silently observe as the Seviper slithers away towards the living room.

Chris looks expressionless as she observes the group at the living group, her eyes mostly focusing on the unknown Sneasel that took seat beside Sothe. If looks could kill. A loud but joyous roar could be heard coming off the entrance, and Chris then masked herself with her usual naughty smile. "You remember your lines, don't you?" she asked her companion.

"I've been practicing all night." Sothe looked as smug as ever.

"Well then, time to greet our lovebirds."

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