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Sera could see Orchrist slithering closer quite possibly with the intent to kill her, though she didn't dare to look in her mind to check lest the powerful Seviper discover it and be further incited. Then she could sense a psychic presence behind her telling her to close the door and turn around. "I-I am sorry, I will leave you alone now!" she said to the snake before urgently slamming the door, praying Orchrist wasn't willing to break through the door to get to her. She then turned around towards the presence and noticed the Ralts standing right behind her. "H-Hello," she greeted the little Ralts, her voice still wavering from the idea that the presence of serpentine anger was still close by. "I-I think it would be better if we went downstairs to talk." Sera then started floating down the stairs leading back to the living room. "My name is Sera, by the way," she said on the way down, gaining confidence as the aura of red and purple coming from the bedroom was farther away now.


Sarkhan needed something to help ease the spicy flavor in his mouth, and those cold cuts next to the Ninetales and Scizor would do nicely. He took the biggest one currently on the plate, then grabbed it with both hands and used his rock-solid jaws to rip a chunk off of it, bouncing the chunk around in his mouth to taste it before swallowing it whole. He then ripped the meat further into chunks before popping each one into his mouth, chewing them, and gulping them down as well. Once he heard there was more meat than this, he said, "Cool. Don't mind if I help myself again then." He took another slab of meat and ripped it into bigger chunks than before, then chewed up each chunk and swallowed them too. "Ah, dang, that's good meat!" he grunted happily. "Where'd you guys get it?"

Laika's speed had worked against him, and now he would have to endure some tickling. Fa was first as every part of her body brushed against the puppy's in a playful manner. "Haha, hey, cut it ou- haha, that tickles, ahahaha!" he laughed, knowing that Fa wasn't the only Pokemon he had to worry about.

Amethyst had just now slithered back into the living room after seeing Orchrist in her frenzied state. "You!" she hissed at Minerva before heading straight towards the creepy Banette who had pestered her back in the bar. "You, I don't know what you did to Chris, but you did something, and now she's mad!" She was thoroughly convinced that there was only one "doll" that could possibly mess with someone as powerful as Orchrist, and she was floating right in front of Amethyst at that moment.


Marion and Balmund were talking about a certain drawing on the wall. Hyrem had never seen it before, but, judging by the way the others were talking about it--the idea of transferring a soul from one body to another seemed about as bad as having a huge collection of eyes--it didn't sound like something he'd want to come across anytime soon in his adventures. He could swear the shape of it looked familiar, though... maybe it had something to do with...

Balmund decided to change the subject, thankfully, and was beckoning the other trainers and the Pokemon with them upstairs. When asked if they were hungry, Leila chimed in with a happy "Snee!" She licked her lips again at the thought of having more of those tasty deviled eggs. "Haha, well, that's one of us, at least!" Hyrem chuckles. Then his stomach growled. "Heh, and I guess that's two!" he chuckled again before turning his gaze to Seshiro. "Hey, Sesh, you gonna be okay down here?"

"Ekansssss!" the little Ekans hissed happily before turning his attention back to the wise Arbok.

"Okay, have fun, then!" responded Hyrem. He then looked back at the mysterious Pokemon curled up around the statue again and asked Balmund: "Hey Duke, I was wondering about that Pokemon over there; what is it, exactly? Dexelle can't register it, for some reason, so is it a new Pokemon?"

Seshiro was quite bewildered by Vega's words, to say the least. "Great Wyrm?" he asked inquisitively. "Who is this Great Wyrm?"

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