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Aislyn came towards Sera, having realized that she had grown and said her piece. "Hm, your point is valid," Sera responded. "I still wish Leila would not misuse her powers like that."

"Eh, normal or not, you still a dragon, n'that's cool in my book!" Sarkhan said happily before reaching for a large handful of popcorn. He then turned around to watch the movie being featured on TV. "Man, sometimes I don't get humans. They think they're top, but then you see morons like these, and... Dude in the mask is probably enjoyin' himself, though," he finished before tossing the popcorn into his mouth. "Whew, daaaang, that's spicy, yo!" he said after swallowing the kernels. "'Sreally good, though, once ya get past the spice!"

Laika still had plenty of energy, though a Duskull was also chasing him with the intent to tickle him. "Haha, you've gotta touch me first!" Laika barked towards Liliana happily. Suddenly, here came Fa Rolling Out of nowhere, and despite a Poochyena's boundless energy, he wouldn't get any faster, unless his Quick Feet ability was active, of course. And, of course, it doesn't help the cause if he got himself tripped and slid to a stop. Which he did. Yup, he would have to prepare himself for some tickling.


Amethyst and Sera were headed up to Balmund's bedroom to meet different Pokemon, each of them distant relatives of the two. But both of them starting hearing what might as well have been steam hissing. Amethyst dared to open the door and revealed themselves to an extremely irate Orchrist.

Amethyst only needed one warning from her much more powerful counterpart. "Uh, I'll... talk to you later," she hissed nervously before slithering back downstairs, but she did keep in mind Chris' grumblings about a "doll", which could only mean... her.

Sera was sure she could sense a Ralts in here somewhere, but... "Oh dear..." she said, hiding half of her face behind the door. Orchrist was still just as scary as she was when Sera was a Ralts. "Um... if you could please tell me where your Ralts friend is, I promise to leave after that, Miss Orchrist," she said politely.


"I'm better in Melee, though I like Brawl too," Hyrem responded to Marion's question. "My best character is Zelda, and I'm pretty good with both her and Sheik, so I like being able to change between the two." Balmund looked like he was going to motion them upstairs, but he continued to bring them to the basement where a battle arena lay prominently with Lucario statues at each corner. One of them had a Pokemon curled up around it that Hyrem had never seen before. "Whoa, what's that?" he asked as he brought up his Pokedex to scan it.

No information found on this Pokemon, said Dexelle.

"No information? That's weird, I thought this Pokedex was up to date." said Hyrem, scratching his head with one hand and holding Leila in the other.

Nothing was holding Seshiro; rather, he was holding onto Hyrem with his coils. Then he and the others saw a powerful looking Arbok, and the little Ekans was very intrigued. He slithered off Hyrem's arm and over to the cobra. He figured the bigger snake was busy with something--he seemed to be fascinated with the drawing and the mirror in front of him--so he waited for him to finish before introducing himself: "Hi, I'm Seshiro, and I'm glad to meet you! What's your name?" He had no idea how significant this encounter would become at that moment.

Hyrem simply stared at Vega in awe. "Wow, I didn't know you had an Arbok too!" he said. "I can't wait for the day when Seshiro becomes one. Speaking of Seshiro, he looks pretty interested in meeting... Vega, right?"
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