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Lil' Bluey Yuki's Lil Blue Art Thread

Egad, how long has it been since I've actually drawn anything? Most of my stuff is old, and therefore crap. Here are the few decent ones I can bear to reveal:


Ren & Bason from Shaman King (Probably my best piece. Too bad it'll never be finished.)
Gary & May from Pokémon
Gary, Ash, & Molly from Pokémon

MS Paint Doodles

GaiaOnline Character Request 1
GaiaOnline Character Request 2
Max & Ralts
Chibi Fantasy RP Characters
May & Torhic (Yes, I know Torchic is misspelled.)
Birthday Present for a Friend (Very early experiment)

Digital Art

SD Pikachu (First attempt at coloring with Photoshop)
May from Pokémon (First attempt at inking)
Gothic Kirlia V1 (Upon review I actually like this version better, even though I forgot to fill in the doll's eye. Both attempts at backgrounds sucked though, so I'm only posting the colored linearts.)
Gothic Kirlia V2
Memorandum (Again, I suck at backgrounds - even though I cheated on this one.)
Imma superstar! (Random FB doodle. Isn't he *fabulous*?)

Yeah, I used to be obsessed with drawing May for some reason. *shrug* Her hair was just easy/fun to draw I guess.

May post some more quick Gaia Paint portraits and a few sprites if people care to see.

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