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Originally Posted by Concept View Post
3 vs 3
15 AP limit
72 Hour DQ
Switch = KO

God I can barely see the forum out from under all this rust.
I'll accept this one, and also offer one of my own.

4 vs 4
20 AP limit
72 Hr DQ
Return = KO
Route 111 - Desert (Outdoor Arena) - This sandy desert sitting in the rainshadow of the Mt. Chimey, whipped by dusty winds and fierce sandstorms. In the middle of an otherwise temperate climate, this desert is heated not only by the sun, but by the floes of lava underneath it, giving it a pleasantly warm, though awfully dry climate. The desert is constantly beaten by a fairly powerful sandstorm, which reduces visibility considerably. However, in the center of the desert where the battle starts, there is a slight pocket of air that has calmed the fierce sands. The ground, being entirely made of sand, is easily dug through but does not conduct Ground energy particularly well, making EQs slightly less effective. Every round, there is a 10% chance that a sandstorm will whip up, lasting until the start of the next round. When the sandstorm fades, Mirage Tower will appear, and though it cannot be entered, its sandstone structure can be fought on or around.
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