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Whoa, has it really been one year since One Punch Man aired? o.o; I thought it was a 2016 series ...

I watched Episode 03 last night, Episode 04 today. I had forgotten that when I last watched OPM I left it with a score of "6/10 - Fair". That perfectly describes my almost-tepid response to the two episodes I watched. ^^; It's not a bad show by any means ... It just ... I don't think it's for me. :\ I feel like very little has happened, the underlying plot isn't terribly interesting (yet?), and the show relies too heavily on the sort of humor that heavily appeals to adolescent boys.

That stated, the main character is very likeable (which is always a plus) and the way Episode 04 ends it looks like we may be on track for our first solid storyline. (Because forget that chimera nonsense. ) The cast of recurring characters is expanding bit by bit and there's even been some slight mystery tossed into the mix.

Spoiler: show
The entire time Hammerhead was talking, all I could think about was Okuyasu from JJBA: DIU. ^^; His vocal performance is identical in both roles and I guess it had been so long since I'd last heard him that my brain is just heavily associating his voice with Okuyasu now.

I wasn't able to pick him out until around the testicle-crushing scene, but Sonic is of course none other than Kaji Yuki. (Good God, this man is EVERYWHERE nowadays!)

I wish I had more to say about the actual story. I just ... don't. :\ There's not a lot to say, really. I hope this changes soon, and for the better.
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