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I don't know how you could feel the same toward Marvel, given Marvel's destiny before Disney was death. Even now, it's kind of a zombie corporation with only the most recognizable properties turned into movies, and only then just the basic, recycled mythos.

I don't think OPM going "mainstream" is that terrible a thing - it all depends on the quality of the media. Quality is going to degrade with audience size just because mainstream opens up a work to more critical analysis. I look at Madoka, Shingeki, and Fate/stay night all as titles which have "aged" pretty badly from all the holes poked in 'em. They've gone full swiss cheese from the criticism, and that accelerates fan dislike.

But ONE, OPM's author, is pretty talented. I don't think OPM will have so much quantity it'll have a noticeable quality drop like One Piece did, but so far in the manga it's remained dynamite. And, as I've mentioned, the following major arc after the Dark Matter Thieves is infinitely better, like combining the best parts of the Dark Matter Thieves along with the best parts of the Deepsea King arc.
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