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There are more puns like that in store as long as you read he omake material, I believe. Stuff in F/ha as well.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
But if memory serves, isn't she at her best in Heaven's Feel?
No, she gets the most screen-time in UBW. She's alive for less time than in the other two routes, but appears longer than she did in Fate, yet less than UBW.

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But the fact that Shirou isn't sharing dreams with Saber anymore, for instance, is something which makes me go, "Huh? But wait a second ... shouldn't that be happening regardless of the timeline?" It's moments like these where I think Ever17 does a much better job at exploring alternate timelines. Nothing that happens in the You path contradicts information in the Sora path. Nothing in the Tsugumi path contradicts information in the Sara path. They're just different paths with different sights to see. And then they all come together for the Coco path which, while having new twists and turns, still doesn't do anything to shake the very fabric of our characters' personalities. It seems like Type-Moon's struggling with this same feat in Fate / Stay Night since we are seeing historic deviances like Shirou having UBW dreams instead of Fate dreams and having a mana-line fed from the Ryudou Temple to his bedroom in UBW but not in Fate.
Supposedly, Shirou being less impressed at a woman entering his life has something to do with it. It's most explainable away in HF.

Avalon's influence at least is still prevalent, although that won't be the case forever.
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