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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
But ... she didn't get to live with Shirou? :3 ^^; Aww man! I was hoping he'd have adopted her! Taiga adopting Ilya is just ... I dunno, kinda weird. Taiga doesn't seem like Mommy material. (And seeing how Ilya reacted with Taiga in the epilogue, I guess I'm proven right! )
She basically does, since Taiga freeloads at Shirou's house and Ilya comes with her.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Maybe this will be addressed in Unlimited Blade Works or Heaven's Feel.
It will.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
DOPPEL! I unlocked all of the artwork for the Fate path except for one random piece of art! What happened!? What did I do wrong? ;_; (If you load up the game and go to the in-game gallery, it's the very first picture on Page 2. The one to the left of Rider slitting her own neck.)
You likely picked an option following that battle that skipped that CG, but the end result was the same.

Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Also ... without spoilering too much, what is the best way to get onto the UBW path? How does it work? Does it ...
It works like how you dock onto Coco's Route in Ever17, new options appear that weren't available in your first play. There's only a single option to enter UBW, while several to get into HF. And you can't get to HF without going through UBW first.
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