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Wait, what? What you just wrote makes no sense. "Shawshank was better, but it's not as famous as The Green Mile courtesy of Forrest Gump." Okay, that sentence alone I can understand. But then you go on to write, "I heard that they cast Tom Hanks for the lead role of The Green Mile so that that wouldn't happen again."

Time-wise, that defies logic. How could they cast Tom Hanks for The Green Mile in order to ensure that something akin to The Green Mile being more popular than the Shawshank Redemption wouldn't happen again?

Motive-wise, it still doesn't make any sense. If Americans widely recognized Tom Hanks because of Forrest Gump, why wouldn't the filmmakers want to tap him for The Green Mile? And why wouldn't they want the phenomenon of an inferior plot faring better at the box office thanks to star power to repeat itself? Isn't that what Hollywood is all about? "Plug some stars into this shitty movie to convince people it's worth 2 hours of their weekend"?
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