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I know the significance of it, but I love that Splash is on someone's game ending moveset. MM, does Sludge Wave work on Steel types, or you're just not concerned about Corrosion?

I'm so far behind compared to the rest of you...especially MM. LOL. I just beat the first trial and learned about what probably replaced Horde Battles (/sadface). I wasn't paying attention to the level requirements for evolution, so I thought in dramatic fashion my Rowlett would have evolved after the trial. Are there double/triple battles here, or am I just not far enough to have had any yet?

I need to decide fast if I want to go with Araquanid or Golisopod. I like both, and I'm glad someone really explained how awesome Water Bubble is. Does Emergency Exit activate immediately after HP gets below 50%, or does it wait until the end of the turn?

My team currently:

Cutiefly - Honey Gather
Meowth - Pickup
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