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Originally Posted by Emi View Post
Apparently Hana you were supposed to be told you can

Spoiler: show
catch a Level 10 Salamence in-game.
Not sure what this means to you but there you go.
Following up on this again:

(rare Pokemon/wild battle mechanics)
Spoiler: show
I failed to find the fabled Lv. 10 Salamence, but I did find and capture a Lv. 11 Salamence! Female with Moxie, even. I also found an underleveled Shelgon (about Lv. 16, I think) in Kala'e Bay through the same call-for-help method, so the whole box set is available. Didn't take my chance to get the Shelgon, though, since I figured this just meant there was Salamence in my near future.
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