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Originally Posted by Missingno. Master View Post
Just beat the game. Feels good, man. Here's the team:

Midnight Lycanroc (male) lv. 59 @Rockium Z
Bashful nature
Vital Spirit
~Rock Slide
~Brick Break
~Stone Edge

Toxapex (female) lv. 59 @Poisonium Z
Calm nature
~Sludge Wave
~Baneful Bunker

Salazzle (female) lv. 59 @Poisonium Z
Relaxed nature
~Sludge Wave
~Dragon Pulse
~Nasty Plot

Mimikyu (male) lv. 59 @Normalium Z
Timid nature
~Shadow Claw
~Play Rough
~Leech Life

Golisopod (male) lv. 59 @Buginium Z
Bashful nature
Emergency Exit
~Leech Life
~First Impression
~Sucker Punch

Incineroar (male) lv. 60 @Incinium Z
Adamant nature
~Flare Blitz
~Darkest Lariat
~Leech Life
~Bulk Up
Now to do all the post game shenanigans! There's even a required Poison Type in there just for ya! I suppose you'll figure out what soon enough, if you don't already, however.

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