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HeartCatch takes the #1 slot because of its incredibly high production values and ridiculously developed characters. The only weaknesses are chronic to the franchise - basic plot and cookie-cutter main villain.

PreCure looks good in stills, but the animation can be very inconsistent. This is no more apparent than GoGoGo's Ganbalance de Dance. 0:43-0:57 illustrates this quite sharply with Cure Rouge having some pretty poor animation, and Cure Lemonade looking ridiculous.

HeartCatch has uniformly excellent animation throughout the whole series. The art is a matter of taste, I'd say. The lolicon in me does find the artwork of other PreCure much more attractive, but Umakoshi's style helps the viewer look past the "cute girls punching things" aspect of it.

That said, Talon, get a load of this. I hope you're stocked up on ammo today:

Spoiler: show

Originally Posted by Talon87
Again, judging from the sample art, I would have thought that any of these were likelier candidates for the No.1:
  • Fresh Pretty Cure!, because I always, always see fanart of the one girl who starts off as a villain and later becomes good
  • Smile PreCure!, just because it's insanely popular in the H scene. I also would've chalked it up as possibly being one of the worst ones, since it seems like it doesn't have the same sort of spirit that the show I'd imagine your guys' No.1 to have would have
  • Yes! PreCure 5, because there is this one H-artist I know in particular who absolutely adores this series and keeps drawing doujins and fanart of these girls even all these years after the series aired
Fresh is an underrated title. It was also marked the turning point for PreCure, as all the shows since are descended from Fresh, rather than Futari wa, Yes 5 or Splash Star. The girl you are referring to was the star of an excellent plot-line.

Fresh is a staple of hentai for a few reasons:

-the designs are extremely sexual. The girls in Fresh, while the same age as in previous titles, are far more developed physically (i.e., all three have breasts). MKTN has the zettai ryouiki and the flirty personality, all the girls have frilly dresses with and show off the thighs.
-the name, which is very easily rendered as Flesh PreCure
-the timing. Fresh got a lot of exposure via Pixiv, which launched in September of 2007, and Fresh came out in February of 2009. Pixiv would later be a major launching pad for Smile's popularity.

I drew a comparison when watching Fresh between the heights. Fresh's girls look like 14 year olds within the context of the show. But compared to earlier titles, they look high school, when in reality the middle school girls of earlier titles look closer to elementary than high school. This is the same sensation watching Sailor Moon - the Scouts look like high schoolers until Mamoru walks in. Mamoru looks like he's in his 20's, but if you mentally adjust him to high school, the girls look middle school.

With Smile, it's popular not because of the character designs necessarily, but the personalities. Smile's girls were loud, obnoxious, otakufied stereotypes. Everything about them was exaggerated and I'm sure that struck a chord with a lot of otaku.

No PreCure since has had such blatant stereotypes. Most of the girls are fairly ordinary with a few mild-mannered preferences. Smile was utterly in-your-face.
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