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Thanks for the feedback, guys. I'll forward your answers to my friend and let him make an informed decision.

Looking at the sample artwork for each of the PreCures the other night, I did not think that HeartCatch PreCure! would have been the No.1 on your guys' lists. The characters look largely unfamiliar from the H scene (which is often, though not always, a good way to measure popularity) and the animation looks like it's one of those generi-21st century Saturday morning TV cartoons, not the No.1 in a decade-long franchise.

Again, judging from the sample art, I would have thought that any of these were likelier candidates for the No.1:
  • Fresh Pretty Cure!, because I always, always see fanart of the one girl who starts off as a villain and later becomes good
  • Smile PreCure!, just because it's insanely popular in the H scene. I also would've chalked it up as possibly being one of the worst ones, since it seems like it doesn't have the same sort of spirit that the show I'd imagine your guys' No.1 to have would have
  • Yes! PreCure 5, because there is this one H-artist I know in particular who absolutely adores this series and keeps drawing doujins and fanart of these girls even all these years after the series aired
Some of these, you guys have indicated are good. (Yes 5) Others, you've indicated are the cancer that is killing PreCure. (Smile) But still, I'm surprised -- based on the cover art alone -- to hear that HeartCatch is the No.1. I would've totally, totally pegged it for Bottom 3 material given the art style. Apparently not!
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