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PreCure has arguably gotten worse from Futari wa onward, although the installments up through HeartCatch were different enough that you could substantially like one over another due to different taste.

Ultimately, I don't think it's "Scooby Doo syndrome" so much as it's "4Kids syndrome". HeartCatch was an intelligent show, which is why adults liked it. Suite was the first case where the show really felt "dumbed down" specifically to exclude adult fans, in spite of the other mild pandering that was increased, like the phantom yuriism. It's hard to write a good story of the same or superior quality as a previous work - Osamu Tezuka is legendary for being able to do so, and is often accused of stealing his assistant's ideas as the flip side of that coin - but in PreCure's case the drop-off is so dramatic I think it's due to a conscious effort to keep the anime a brain-free zone.

BBB says Toei "isn't trying" but given the amount of money invested in this show, I'm skeptical of that. Although, reputedly Kamen Rider has been terrible throughout all of the Heisei Era (with Showa, almost 25+ years ago, with the last good one) so I dunno. Maybe this is PreCure's ultimate fate: living death.
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