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Originally Posted by Connor View Post
Trainer battle cut please!

Details: Description of Wild Future trainer here. Outlines pretty neatly what I want.
Trainer to be edited: This.
Will pay: 10 SP, probably more since I know the result will be good.
Originally Posted by Snorby View Post
I would like a Trainer Battle Cut!
Details: The most difficult part is I'd like the Hairstyle of the Backpacker. other than that, a skin color something like that of TKF's Trainer Cut would be nice, I'd like the facial expression to be changed slightly so he's smirking, hair color should be a bit darker than it normally is on a backpacker, akin to that of John Lennon. If it's doable, I'd also like him to have rectangular glasses with thin black frames and no frame on the bottom of each glass. I'd like the jacket to be mainly Navy Blue with black or white trim (whichever ends up looking better in your mind), and for the T-Shirt to be dark grey.
Trainer to be edited: Norman
I am willing to pay (List as either SP or USD as well): 12 SP, more likely than not will end up being more since you're fantastic and this is a pretty long request xp

Connor has now paid for the art:

Snorby has now paid for the art:


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