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Eventually, Robin voiced the notion of going back to the others, while making sure to stress the point that she was not forcing Millicent to go back just yet if she wasn't yet ready. But even as she said this, the Timburr nodded. "I... Yeah, w-we should go back," she murmured. She looked lost, almost scared, leaning on Willow as though she was a walking stick of some sort, but she led the way back towards the main room nevertheless.

Keith couldn't help but chuckle at Cayenne's enthusiastic response to the praise. Tessa had to actually tell him to slow down, for his speech was getting too rapid for even the Pokémon present to understand him.

Meowth grinned at Tessa's words. "Seemed like da right ting ta do, huh?" he said. "Ya know who tinks like dat? Good friends," he nodded. "Youse may tink dere ain't nothin' special about youse, but dere's a lotta people and Pokémon dat don't tink da same way as youse. Dat's wat makes youse special."

"I-I like swimming, too!" Aster responded, giving a small smile. "And, well, I... I like eating the coral th-that grows on Corsola. It's... it's really good. I... I try not to kill them, though! I... I usually just b-bite off whatever will grow back anyways..."

Anion was mesmerized as Voltaire began to wag a finger back and forth. There was something so strangely entrancing about it that she didn't even notice the powerful blast of darkness hurtling her way until-


All at once, Anion was snapped back to reality. The mental image of Voltaire standing triumphant over a pile of defeated enemies was gone, and she remembered- they were in a battle. And yet, even now that the Fatal Attraction no longer had Anion under its spell, she still couldn't seem to take her eyes off the Emolga. "Oh, you are GOOD!" grinned the Minun. With that, she decided that if Voltaire was gonna go all-out, it was only fair that she do the same in return. She therefore charged up a purple glowing garbage bag, and heaved it at Voltaire. Gunk Shot was her strongest attack at the moment, and Voltaire was about to experience it firsthand.

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