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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

As you approached the rose bushes covered in Scatterbug, their munching noises became audible. They were incredibly invested in their banquet of leaves and violet petals, and barely noticed you and your flapping partner. With a quick look, you estimated there was about twenty of the little bugs. While not an overwhelming number, you knew it wouldn’t be easy to complete the task you decide to take upon yourself.

While you were deep in thought about what to do next, the Scatterbug made their way up the bush, to where a large, fully bloomed rose stretched towards the sky. It was the last rose on the bush, and looked particularly delicious to the ravenous Bug Pokemon. One of the larger Scatterbug inched itself up the stalk of the rose, determined to be the first to taste the delectable petals. Before it could reach the flower, however, it was pulled down quickly by another of its kind. In a flurry of squeaks and what sounded like the Bug type version of a growl, a group of Scatterbug began to quarrel. The young Pokemon did not have many moves at their disposal, so the fight was consisted of weak Tackles and tangling each other up with String Shot.

You directed your Woobat to try to distract the Scatterbug before this squabble got any worse. Remilia flew close to the little bugs, trying to get their attention. She danced back and forth a bit, making herself as interesting as possible to as many of the bugs as she could. The Scatterbug that had yet to join the fight took notice of Remilia immediately. They opened their buck toothed mouths, mesmerized. Remilia flew a bit higher and away from the bush, and luckily, these Scatterbug followed. They were willing, for now, to follow whatever Remilia wanted them to do.

Though you had the attention of the majority of the swarm, there was still the issue of the wriggling pile of four still bickering. One had somehow got its tooth stuck in the back of another, causing the bitten Scatterbug to squeak in pain. You also noticed a small, lone bug making its way back up to the tall rose, taking advantage of those distracted by fighting.

Remilia had done a fantastic job of getting the attention of most of the Scatterbug swarm, but now Lillian was faced with yet another challenge. She didn't know how she was going to get the remaining four Scatterbug to stop bickering with each other over one of the roses. She didn't know if Remilia could go after the remaining Scatterbug and attempt to either dislodge them from the bushes or make them want to follow her as well, but it was the best opinion available for Lillian. Trying to pick them up and relocate them physically likely wouldn't work too well, as they were already rather aggrevated it seems, and Lillian didn't want bug silk all over her or to be bitten up by the small larvae. They probably wouldn't hurt too much, but it was just unsanitary.

Lillian briefly stepped forward, before shaking the bush rapidly in front of her, trying to keep her hands well enough away from the Scatterbug to avoid a potential bite. Her intention was to spook the Scatterbug initially into focusing on her, instead of continuing to bicker with each other. Lillian wondered in the back of her head if she would regret that, but quickly pushed that thought to the side. Turning to Remilia, Lillian yelled out to her. "Try to Charm the remaining ones while I've got their attention Remilia, then we'll lead them away to somwhere after that." If this worked, Lillian was going to be able to solve the problem while trying not to hurt any of the poor Pokemon involved. Lillian thought to herself whether or not she wanted to catch one of the little Pokemon as well, briefly. If the oppurtunity presented itself to her, she would definitely try to take that chance.
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