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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Hearing about the Budew’s background, Lucas couldn’t help but feel empathy for the outcast bud. Deciding to follow Petunia’s suggestion, he turned to ask her if she would accompany him to the Roserade queen and possibly vouch for him. Petunia smiled and nodded, answering, “Sure, I can take you there. I have to let you know though, she doesn’t let volunteers like me do any watering or maintenance on her so I don’t know how good my word is with her… You’ll see when we get there.”

The two of them then proceeded down the various paths of the rose section of the garden. Much like the flower bed where they met, there were countless other flower beds filled with Roselia who were posing like picture-perfect models. The further in they walked, the more maze-like the garden became. Large sections of flower beds became tall hedges that were filled with roses. It was when they finally made it to the back corner of the garden that it opened up into a large clearing.

The corner of the rose garden seemed to resemble an outdoor throne room, a long aisle was covered in fresh rose petals and surrounded by lines of the most beautiful Roselia posing on either side. At the end of the passage was a large flower bed that was elevated by a couple of layers of stone steps. Standing atop the steps was the Roserade queen in all her glory; her roots Ingrained in the soil to take in nutrients while her arms were raised elegantly in order to photosynthesize. She was adorned with a crown of thorn-less roses around her head and a pair of Budews stood at her roots, watering them with Water Sports.

“You might want to bow briefly before approaching her,” Petunia whispered to Lucas, “Just play along.” While she maintained a serious face as to not offend the Roserade queen, Lucas could see a softness in Petunia’s expression that indicated she was having a fun time with this. Stepping onto the rose covered pathway, Petunia briefly lowered her head and grabbed her apron as if it were a dress. “Your highness, a visitor has come to speak with you,” she announced. She waited to see how Lucas would act next.
Lucas considered himself at least somewhat familiar with the idea of monarchy. After all, his native Kalos did have a king at one point. But it was a rather antiquated notion confined mostly to history books and fairy tales. He had a vague idea of how to act, and could think of what to say, at least somewhat. But he wasn't sure if any of this was going to work. After all, he was basing all this off some stories and descriptions of strange rituals he could only half remember. He also couldn't help but feel a bit intimidated by the prim beauty of the "throne room" of sorts, with quite a bit of extravagance on display. Patting Horologie on her nose, he warned her to stay back but keep ready in case things went south.

Very slowly, he moved towards the carpet of rose petals and bowed his head, slumping his shoulders a bit to show deference, making a point to avoid eye contact. He approached cautiously, making sure to show no signs of aggression.

"Your majesty," he began, pulling from his memory of audiences with royalty in the stories from his boyhood, "I am here to make a humble request of you. One of your subjects is in grave peril and I wish to help in its time of need. I was hoping you would grant me the small favor of a loan of a Rose Incense to help calm the poor bud's captors."

He had no idea if this would work.

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