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Originally Posted by morningstar View Post

You and your Pokemon knew it was time to get down to business. Despite this being your first journey together, you could feel that your Pokemon trusted you.

Both Glasspine and Tori were ready for your next commands as you grabbed a handy plastic bag from your backpack. The Sandshrew focused its strength on its claws, striking them together to remove any debris that might dull its attacks or cause them to miss. He swiftly began swiping at the Parasect, striking it’s face four times in succession. The bug type hissed out in pain, but seemed to have a mischievous look on its face. A spore burst out of the mushroom on its back, landing directly in the face of Glasspine. The multiple hits from the Fury Swipes seemed to have activated the Parasect’s Effect Spore, leaving Glasspine paralyzed.

Following your directions to recruit the remaining Roselia, your Nidorina bounded over to the group of grass types. They flinched as the large Pokemon towered over them, still covering their tiny faces. Delicately, Tori confided in the Roselia the plan to take down the Parasect. They seemed to be listening, and even lowered their hands to look at Tori directly. The Parasect watched from its battle with the Sandshrew, angry that you were conspiring against it. It called out to one of its subjects again, and a loyal Roselia ran forward to deliver a Poison Sting to Tori’s backside. She was barely affected by the Poison-type attack and, following orders, reeled to deliver a sharp Scratch across the Roselia’s body. Another horrified cry came from the three Roselia as their flowered friend crumbled to the ground. Their flowers returned to their faces and they shook in fear. Tori looked unsure of what to do about the group, but decided to move on to her next attack. She collected freezing cold air in her mouth, and blasted a sharp beam towards the Parasect. It was engaged in battle with Glasspine and didn’t notice the move flying towards it. Its claw was raised to strike him in his paralyzed state, but the Ice Beam got to it first, freezing its limb solid. With her target partly immobilized, Tori rushed over to deliver the first blow of beating the Parasect up. She looked expectantly towards the group of Roselia, who she assumed would be right behind her to assist with the attack. However, they had disappeared.

As you sealed up the baggie containing the mushroom, there was a sensation against your leg, barely light enough for you to notice. You looked down to see one of the Roselia worriedly tapping you with one of its flowers.

“Rose…Lia lia...!” It shook its head and pointed to the Roselia on the ground, struggling to stay conscious. It seemed to be pleading with you to stop. The other two Roselia had cautiously approached the hypnotized one and attempted to help it stand. Still under the influence of the angry Parasect, the Roselia pushed its companions away forcefully. The Roselia near you cried out, then looked back to you. It was unmistakable that it wanted help with the Parasect, but it seemed to be worried your higher level Pokemon were doing more harm than good.

With small claws honed, the Sandshrew rushed into the Parasect and began striking the larger bug in the face, though it appeared to have a smirk on the face. This was evident as the mushroom released a spore that struck the Sandshrew in the face, the mouse locking up with a look of shock on the face, as Alex realized he was paralyzed. "Damn, that could be problematic..." he muttered as he scooped up the foul fungus.

Tori's side of things was generally more successful, the poison type coercing the grass types to look at her. The Parasect wasn't amused, beckoning one of its other minions to advance on the Nidorina, stinging her with a thorn of poison...which the beast barely felt. Whirling around, she clouted round and scratched the white eyed pokemon across the chest, causing the Roselia to crumple and the three by her to return to cowering in fear. That wasn't as expected, but the poison pin pokemon had at least subdued it in some manner, and turned to support Glasspine, firing an icy ray at the raised claw of the insect as it prepared to strike down the stunned ground type and freezing the pincer solid. Rushing forward, she began to beat upon the bug, but realised there was no support.

Alex's thoughts on their location was answered by a sensation on his leg and looking down saw one of the Roselia begging, shaking their head and pointing to their fallen friend, who was struggling to remain up. He hadn't realised just how weak these plants were, and on seeing their zombified friend push the two trying to help away, he realised then the problem: the Parasect was using their companions as shields, and the Roselia needed protecting. With Glasspine fighting paralysis, he counted two Roselia downed, one being unconscious from a single sludge bomb, and three standing on a neutral ground. Tori gazed at him and the Roselia with some concern, and with the Parasect struggling with a frozen limb it was open to attack for the most part. He had two goals on hand: finish the fight, rescue the fallen Roselia.

"Glass! Turn that paralysis against the Parasect with a facade to that frozen claw, then punish it with a gyro ball up to the mushroom, then try and smash it with a poison jab! Tori, bring those weakened Roselia over here, starting with the unconscious one. Once they're both here, charm the Parasect to try and cut down the damage it can do with those claws, and maybe pacify it a little. Getting the Roselia to safety is a priority, if it comes for you, immediately protect yourself and the Roselia!"

Turning to the worried grass type, Alex showed it the mushroom in the bag, pointing at the Parasect's larger mushroom. "These things are poisonous, but I promise I'll find a cure for your friends. I'm going to need you to be brave though and support my pokemon as they try and fight off this big bug, even if you can't fight well, anything's good."

Watching the situation, Alex thought to examine the mushroom collected to see if there were any oddities about it.
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