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Some of these adventures are getting interesting... enjoy :P

Patches was at a loss as she noticed the Stufful make a run for it. While Mio was still tied up battling the bully of a Pancham, she couldn’t possibly leave her Pikachu alone to fend for herself. She called out to Kei, who was also watching on helplessly, and asked for the Charmander to tail the cowardly teddy bear of a Pokemon. Kei nodded and darted off after the Stufful, ready to give it a big hug if it ever decided to stop running.

With that matter taken care of for now, Patches could turn her full attention to Mio’s battle with the unrelenting Pancham. Mio looked at her trainer expectantly, eagerly anticipating a battle with Patches’ full support. However, what Patches did next no one was expecting. Rummaging through her bag, she looked long and hard for something that would aid Mio in combat against the Pancham. Once she came upon her solution, she pulled her hand out tightly clenched into a fist. Patches then suddenly released her grip, tossing a handful of confetti in Pancham’s direction. Mio and Pancham both stood there with their jaws dropped, completely speechless.

Puzzled by the interjection, Mio and Pancham turned their focus back on each other. Determined to carry her partner’s share in the battle, Mio quickly came up with her own strategy. She began by Growling fiercely at the charging Pancham, deciding that the time to play nice was over. Pancham connected with an Arm Thrust, hitting Mio twice. Mio then followed the attack up with a Thunder Shock, jolting the Pancham a good amount before it hit her with another flurry of [b]Arm Thrusts[b] that hit her four times. Both Pokemon were quite out of breath now, and it looked as if another good attack or two might be able to cause the Pancham to drop.

Meanwhile, Kei was last seen darting after the tiny Stufful, who was headed for a small cluster of trees. As he approached the trees, Kei had lost sight of the Stufful, but he knew that the scared critter couldn’t have gone far. The wooded area wasn’t too large, and as he traversed through it, he could hear some rustling noises up ahead. Deciding to investigate it, he spotted what looked like a shoddily-constructed wrestling ring with a pair of Mankeys sparring inside of it. Off to the side he spotted a grumpy looking Timburr, but was giving an earful to none other than Stufful, who was shaking in its fur. Dare he step in here, where he is outnumbered, or report back to Patches and Mio?

Lucas was in a bit of a bind. While on one hand, he had found his first lead in the form of a flowerbed filled with Roselia and Budew. However, on the other hand he had no means of communicating with the flower Pokemon and nothing to win their favor. Trying his best to come up with a solution, Lucas called upon the services of Horologie, his Girafarig. The yellow and brown spotted giraffe-like Pokemon brayed in good tidings as she took in the beautiful surroundings.

Calling her to attention, Lucas asked Horologie if she could attempt to communicate with the Roselia and ask them about the Budew he had found. The Girafarig nodded, promising to make her best attempt of it. Lowering her long neck in order to make eye contact with the flower Pokemon below, Horologie neighed a bit in order to investigate. Lucas watched on as some of the Roselia stood there with conceited expressions. Some of them crossed their rose petal-tipped arms in disdain while others simply turned up their noses.

Upon noticing the unusual sight of a trainer using a giraffe to communicate with roses, a young woman with a bandana tying up her chestnut-colored hair, an apron covering her clothes, and a watering can in her hands approached Lucas. “I’m sorry, I couldn’t help but overhear you,” she greeted with a warm smile, “The Roselias don’t like answering to anyone other than their queen, unfortunately. My name’s Petunia, by the way. I’m a volunteer gardener here.” Relieved he found someone to communicate with, Lucas explained the situation to Petunia.

“A poor Budew, not getting enough nutrition in the wrong flower bed, huh?” she asked, trying to make sense of the situation while tilting her head. “Unfortunately, this has happened before… Roserade, the ruler of this area of the garden is a bit of a perfectionist. If there’s any buds she thinks are imperfect or will ruin the beauty of her garden, she won’t hesitate to cast them out.” Petunia thought to herself for a moment. “The Sunflora are pretty protective of their young, so trying to remove the bud wouldn’t be the best idea either…” She paused again, deep in thought, before coming to a resolution. “I know! If you can get the Rose Incense from Roserade, you might be able to distract the Sunflora enough to rescue Budew! The incense has a powerful effect on grass type Pokemon so it should be able to do the job. The only problem might be trying to convince Roserade to let you borrow one…” With a goal laid out before him, it was now up to Lucas how he wanted to go about handling this task.

Despite a heated match versus a determined duck, Muyo kept his cool and offered words of encouragement to his Elekid. He knew that the type advantage was still well in Yon Elekid’s favor, and Kennegi would probably attempt to finish things off sooner rather than later. Deciding to shift his strategy to a battle of attrition, Muyo desired to slow the plucky duck down and called out his orders to Yon Elekid. The sparkplug Pokemon nodded slowly, still trying to rub the dirt out of his eyes.

Fortunately for Yon Elekid, he didn’t need his vision to illuminate his body. The plug-like protrusions on his head began to light up with electrical power like a lightbulb, causing the Farfetch’d to see spots for a few moments as his vision worsened. Unfortunately for Yon Elekid, this accuracy drop only seemed to fuel Kennegi’s Defiant determination, the duck holding his leek in his beak while he flapped his wings. Kennegi zoomed forward at Yon Elekid, twisting his body like a corkscrew as he slammed into Yon Elekid with a powerful Aerial Ace. Between the high-speed Farfetch’d and his dirt-covered vision, Yon Elekid shot a Thunder Wave off that just missed its mark.

The two Pokemon panted as they stared each other down. Yon Elekid stood his ground as Kennegi charged in once again. Kennegi struck Yon Elekid in the side with a Fury Cutter from his leek, the blunt side of his stick not leaving any scratches behind but still hurt the same. Yon Elekid winced, but he took the blow as a perfect opportunity to counter Kennegi square in the jaw with an Ice Punch. Kennegi squawked uncomfortably as he was sent flying backward a few feet. Kennegi righted himself while gritting his beak and slashed at Yon Elekid once again with an even stronger Fury Cutter.

Despite having landed more hits in battle, it was Kennegi who seemed to be breathing harder of the two. However, Yon Elekid was far off from sitting pretty as he continued to stand his ground while panting heavily. While Yon Elekid’s vision did seem to be clearing up just a little bit, Kennegi’s Defiant gaze seemed to blaze as strongly as ever. How would Muyo proceed from here?

As he watched the battle unfold, Hiero couldn’t help but be impressed by the Heracross’ strength and resolve. Wishing to join forces with the Hercules Beetle, he declared an all you can eat buffet of tree sap for Heracross in the future, but the bug wasn’t buying it just yet. It already had a nice lunch right before it when it was so rudely interrupted by the trainer who attacked it. Not to be dissuaded, Hiero called out his orders to Tomoko, holding a Pokeball at his side for when the time was right.

Heracross inhaled deeply for a moment before shooting out a flurry of Bullet Seeds at Tomoko, knocking her back. With the aid of her Bunny Suit, Tomoko sprang into action, only allowing the seeds to hit her twice. The Mareanie then used the spike on top of her head to Peck mercilessly at Heracross’ backside, where there was a gap in the beetle’s exoskeleton for its wings. Heracross screeched in pain, spinning around and using its axe-like horn to scrape Tomoko with a brutal Night Slash. Tomoko reeled back in pain, but with her last ounce of strength, she lunged into Heracross, Pecking it once more. The attack hit it square in the chest, causing Heracross to get knocked back as the poison continued to sap its strength.

Seizing the moment, Hiero gripped the Pokeball in his hand firmly and threw it at the Heracross. Upon contact, the ball popped open and a red laser pulled the creature inside as it closed. The ball landed on the dirt and leaf covered ground and began to wiggle once… twice… three times… before coming to a complete rest with a soft “Ding!”

Congratulations! You have captured a lv.10 Male Heracross with the ability Guts!

Hiero let out a deep sigh of relief as he went over to claim his new Pokemon. Tomoko let out a victorious sigh as well, although being on the brink of unconsciousness, she probably deserved a long rest after this. Tomoko has gained 2 levels! With the battle now over, Hiero was now free to explore in whatever direction he so desired. Or perhaps he might try to look for the resident trial captain of the Cloud Forest.
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