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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Accepting the challenge of the samurai-like Farfetch’d, Muyo reached for a Pokeball and lightly tossed it, revealing his Yon Elekid in a bright flash of light. Kennegi gulped as he gazed upon the electric type Pokemon, tightening the grip of his wing around the oddly-shaped leak in his possession. Samuel let out a hearty laugh and clapped his hands together, leaving a loud echo that reverberated throughout the forest. “It’s settled, then! I’ll act as the referee of this match.”

Samuel took a few steps away and sat down on a log. Despite the type advantage, Muyo didn’t want to underestimate his opponent. A determined passion burned in the duck’s eyes, and Muyo could see his desire to win. Muyo called out to Yon Elekid, offering his strategy to start off the battle. Yon Elekid nodded, preparing himself for battle.

Yon Elekid started the sparring match off by Leering an icy glare at Kennegi, who gazed back at the Elekid with a Defiant riposte. Determined to overcome Yon Elekid’s attempts to weaken his resolve, Kennegi darted forward in a burst of speed, slamming into the electric Pokemon with a Quick Attack. Yon Elekid stumbled back, a little surprised by the blow, but not deterred thanks to his Aegis of Frost raising his defensive power. Kennegi charged at Yon Elekid for a follow up strike, but this time Yon Elekid was prepared; shooting out a Thunder Shock at the Farfetch’d.

The blast jolted Kennegi who swiped his leek at Yon Elekid in the process. Yon Elekid looked slightly puzzled; even though the Thunder Shock was a direct hit, he seemed to have taken more damage from Kennegi than he did before. The answer lied across the forest clearing, by Muyo’s feet. His Aegis of Frost had been Knocked Off by that strike. Determined to keep his guard up, Yon Elekid began to erect a Barrier around himself, raising his defenses. As he did so, Kennegi struck the dirt with his leek, splashing a Sand Attack in the Elekid’s eyes. As the action began to unfold, Muyo saw that both Pokemon took some hits but were still raring to go. Trying to rub the dirt out of his eyes, Yon Elekid awaited his next orders.
Muyo shook his head, slightly frustrated with himself. Of course in a situation like this the leek spinner would try to close the distance and use speed as much as possible to try and finish things as quickly as possible before his type disadvantage could be exploited too much. Knowing that though, there were ways to address that and slow down the swordsman... duck... whatever. "It's a shame you aren't a Pokemon Deklars," Muyo confided in the lightly floating anchor beside him, "I'd like to see that duck deal with a giant anchor."

Before DeKlars could formulate a response, Muyo had returned his attention back to the battlefield. "While you're clearing your eyes things will look a bit blurry, but when you see it approach you hit it with a Flash to even the state a bit. Then spread out a Thunder Wave to slow down that pesky poulty. Finally follow it up with an Ice Punch Y.E., you've got this well under control."

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