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Originally Posted by Patches View Post
Kyuu-Tales - Finally, you’ve arrived at a beautiful place where you can relax and not have to worry about bad weather or shady characters. You’re able to just enjoy a bright and sunny day with your Pokemon and decide to take a break, laying in the grass and taking in the sun. You smile as Aiolia dances around you in joy, so happy that he is finally in a carefree environment at last. Baian, on the outside doesn’t seem to care either way, but you are still certain he is just as happy. You suddenly stand up with a goal in mind, it’s time to set up a campsite so that you can all get settled in and finally eat.

You notice a spot of shade below a tall oak tree not too far from where you’re at now and decide that is the perfect place. Your Pokemon follow you over to it and you get to work, wasting no time. You begin to unroll your tent so that you can begin to set it up with your Pokemon’s help. Suddenly, you hear a strange rustling sound coming from the tree above you so you look up. Hm, from what you can see nothing appears to be there, maybe it was just the wind. You go back to setting up and get ready to place the tarp into position when you begin to hear that rustling sound again. Once again, you are looking up and examining the tree, trying to see if you can find anything hidden amongst the leaves and branches. You are very distracted by the tree when suddenly the tarp you were once holding is swiped from your hands. You quickly look down at your empty hands in confusion, then you look at your Pokemon who are both just sitting there innocently and yet there is no tarp in your immediate sight. You decide to finally look up and see a Shinx running away full speed while holding the tarp in its mouth as it drags behind it. Then, for a brief moment, you swear you hear something that sounds like suppressed laughter coming from the tree above you. But right now, your tent is getting further away from you the longer you take to think. What are you going to do?
Seiko barely processed the laughter overhead before bolting headlong in the direction of the thief, beckoning her partners to make haste at her heels. That was her one (and only) good tent; the spare set she'd tucked away with a number of her family's possessions when she herself had made off into the night some days ago.

--She'd appreciate the irony of that statement at another time. Right now, Seiko was dead set on retrieving her misbegotten goods. She propped the small seahorse atop her shoulder. "Baian, knock the wind out of that rascal with a Water Gun, then blanket the area in a screen of smoke. That's sure to foil any plans our culprit has of carrying on with their escape!"

"Skre!" the Mock Kelp monster chimed in the affirmative, recoiling briefly before launching a jet of pressurized water rocketing into the flank of the Shinx, causing the cub to cry out. Bullseye! It hadn't quite stopped the thief as Seiko had hoped, but it allowed her and Aiolia the chance to close some of the distance that the Shinx had initially put between itself and their party.

As soon as Baian could confirm the hit for himself, he hurried to comply with the rest of his trainer's orders. Within a matter of seconds, a murky shell of smoke whizzed past Seiko's ear, careening several yards before dispersing above and about the cub's location.

Haha! Seiko beamed. Weren't expecting that now, eh? "Now Aiolia, get in there and Tackle the tarp free from that thing's clutches!"
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